New Feature: Rolling Charges

Since its inception, Simplero has run all of the automated charges—installments and renewals of subscriptions—at the same time each day, worldwide: At midnight EST, 9pm PST, and 6am CET.

The reason why is that we started out in Denmark, and it made good sense to charge everything at 6am in the morning local time. But since 2012, we've had customers all over the globe, and it's made less and less sense. It's confusing to ask a charge to be done on a certain date, and then it doesn't happen until 9pm at night. Or 11pm if you're on US central time. So we knew we had to get that fixed at some point.

That point has come. Starting now, you can choose the date and time that you want a charge to be run. By default it'll be the same time that the purchase happened, so if they purchased in the middle of their night (perhaps because they're halfway across the globe from where you are), their renewal or next installment will be at the same time.

The charge job runs every 10 minutes, so it may be a few minutes after that exact time, but it'll be much closer now.

This should make things much more logical for our global customer base—now in 20 countries—going forward.

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