New Feature: Handle Replies to Mass Emails with Ease

I bet you've experienced this: Each time you send broadcast to hundreds or even thousands of recipients, you brace yourself for the inevitable flood of vacation and out-of-office responses.

And if you encourage people to reply to you—or if they do, anyway, which is great, you want the interaction—then you end up with one long thread of replies and your replies to them and back and forth, they all end up in one long thread in most email clients, and it quickly becomes a jumbled mess that's almost impossible to keep track of.

Well, not anymore. With this new feature, you can let Simplero handle your replies, and we'll do three simple things:

  1. Filter out auto-replies like vacation and out-of-office emails
  2. Create a new, unique subject line for each reply, so they end up as separate threads
  3. Add a helpful link to the admin page for the contact

And then we forward the email on to your regular reply-to email address.

It's pretty simple, but it makes your life so much easier. It'll make you fall in love with engaging your tribe again.

Watch this to see how it works:

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