Hiring is a skill

It's critical that you get help with your business.

It's so tempting, especially in the early days as an entrepreneur, to try and do everything yourself. But that's a big mistake.

You absolutely need help to execute your vision for your business. And the sooner you get started getting that help, the better.

And finding, vetting, hiring, managing, and leading people is a whole separate skillset that you need to learn.

You'll make mistakes. Lots of them, probably. I know I have.

But the sooner you get started down this path, the better.

Something I've started doing recently is finding freelancers on Upwork. And instead of looking for a designer, or video editor, or copywriter, I'll find two or there or four. And give them all the same tasks. At the same time.

You'll very quickly see who's rocking it, and who's not. Who you're compatible with, and who you're not.

And if you keep the initial project small, and the rates low, you can very quickly test out several people for not a lot of money.

For me, hiring at least two people for every role has been a game-changer.

It speeds up the learning dramatically, and it's also insurance in case one of them drops off, then you won't have a gap while you scramble to find a replacement.

The bottom line here is, hiring is a critical skill that you need to learn. Get started on that journey as soon as possible.

I would be remiss if I didn't mention our Concierge service which can help you with everything Simplero. Our Concierge team is incredible, and one of the things that really sets us apart. Give it a shake.

With passion,

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