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Other people have figured shit out. What I mean by that is that (almost) everything you want to accomplish in life, someone else already has. You can learn from them.

That's not news. That's what we all do around here. And Tony Robbins has long said "success leaves clues". You can learn their strategies. 

But, to me, what's much more interesting than learning strategies from people is to learn ways of being.

Imagine what it's like to be some person that has achieved what you dream of. Maybe it's Richard Branson, or Miranda Kerr, or Selena Gomez.

Close your eyes and pretend to be this person for a moment. Imagine them being in your exact place, in your exact situation. No matter how famous or successful a person is, there was a time when they weren't. What would they do? How would they feel? What would they think? Try to feel it in your body, rather than think about it. Feel the energy of that.

Then see where that resonates with a part of you that may be currently lying dormant. Maybe it's pointing to something that wants to be awakened and expressed. A part of you that you can own more.

Over the next few days, return to this feeling, and see how you can own it even more. Bring it up when you're faced with challenging situations. Keep returning to it, and learn everything you can from this person and this feeling.

To me, that's a much better approach than trying to mimic particular actions or behaviors. It becomes so tiresome. This way, you can really reclaim and own that part of you, and once it's there, it's there, you don't need to keep remembering the behavior.

Try it out, and let me know how it works out for you. 

Rock Against Trafficking

Last week at the music conference I was at in LA, I met the amazing people behind Rock Against Trafficking.

They're a bunch of musicians that have united to raise awareness around human trafficking, and use their art to help raise money to combat it.

I had no idea how big this problem is. Apparently, it's the biggest criminal "industry" after drugs, and bigger than weapons smuggling. Incredible! This is not some small niche cause. It's big, and it's right here in the US and in other western countries. Millions of people, mostly girls, are affected.

What I also like about it is it doesn't have to be all seriousness and sad emoticons. Yes, it's serious. Yes, it's important to do something. But we might as well have a great time and listen to some great music while we do something about it, no?

So they've put together this limited edition CD that you can get right now, with a cover of Roxanne, and they're also putting together an album in the fall. Good stuff.

Go check out the campaign, and please support if you can. $25 or more gets you a CD. Even if you don't care about the CD, any bit helps.

Here's a video they showed at the event, which really got to me:

New Features in Simplero

We deployed a new CDN (content distribution network) today. We're rolling it out slowly and controlled. Let us know if you have problems.

Last time, there were problems with video playback for some. We believe to have solved that now.

If it seems to work well, we'll roll it out more broadly shortly.

Random Links from Around the Interwebs

The difference between seltzer water, club soda, and sparkling mineral water. The difference has always eluded me. In Denmark, we call it all "Danish water". Do they French call it "French water" and the Italians "Italian water"? I doubt it. But, hey, we also call the national open face sandwich "a food", as in "I'd like a shrimp food, please", and people know exactly what that means. Language is a crazy thing.

Economist detained for doing math on an airplane. I love the 2003 joke: "Authorities believe she is a member of the notorious al-Gebra movement. She is being charged with carrying weapons of math instruction."

Top Billboard hot 100 hits of the past 60 years. Get ready to get lost.

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