New Feature: Automations Can Now Wait for a Specific Point in Time

When I designed automations, it was designed for when things happen at different times for different people. Eg. opt in to a list, get an email 30 minutes later, a day later, etc. Or send a text message, or give access to a space. Everything you can do with automations.

But it turned out a lot of people really wanted to use automations for things where a bunch of people go through things at the same time. Eg. week 1 of the course is on a particular date, and this, that and the other thing should happen for everyone at the same time.

To make that easier, we've added another type of wait step that lets you wait for a particular date and time, rather than a specific period of time.

Go to your automations, add a step, and choose "Wait until a specific point in time".

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