New Feature: Automations Now Calculate the next Step Once It Comes Back from Waiting

Something that was confusing to a lot of people was that automations, when it reached a wait step, would calculate both when to come back from waiting, and also which step it would then execute.

That made sense, in a way, but it would trip people up when they made changes on the fly. If you change the order of steps, so there's a new action after the wait step, then all of the people currently waiting would be unaffected, and everyone new reaching the wait step would be affected by the change.

We've changed the logic now so that we don't look at what step comes after the wait step until after we're back from waiting. That means that if you make changes on the fly, you'll see that affect everyone immediately.

That should be a lot less intuitive, less confusing, and that's what we're all about.


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