Lead Score Triggers, Conditional Triggers and Automations, and New Landing Page Templates

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Did you know you could do this?

Triggers-medium.jpgWe recently rolled out "conditional triggers". There are so many things you can do with conditional triggers to help automations work better for your business! You now have 4 options when setting your trigger: 1) Always run. 2) Only run when a contact has this tag. 3) Only run when the contact does not have this tag. or, 4) Only fire once per contact. 

Global triggers are also new! Your first two options are perform based on your customers lead score. A great way to utilize this is to have them maybe be added to a sales funnel automation when a lead score changes, allowing you to retarget leads who are loosing contact with you or to remain in contact with those that are hot leads. The third option is based on their viewing of an URL. One great way to use this is for a customer who maybe viewed your sales page but didn't order. You can have a tag added to every customer who orders, and then set up this global trigger so that this global triggers occurs when the sales page is viewed, but by using the conditional the trigger won't fire for anyone with the tag to show they have purchased. Make sure to read the whole guide here.

New Features in Simplero

In addition to the conditional triggers, there are a few other big additions to Simplero this week to be excited about. First off, as a natural extension to conditional triggers, you can also define a condition for an automation, which means that new flows will only be started if the condition is met. Just like for the triggers, the conditions are based on tags:

Conditions on Automations

In addition to this, as we're seeing more and more people adapt to using the new sites and build gorgeous looking websites for your content and product catalog, we've got a pretty big announcement for those of you looking to unify the look and feel of your brand across the board. The Simple theme which is used on all new sites, is now also available as a template for your landing pages:

The new Simple landing page template

The template is available on all accounts in three variants: a single column variant, and variants with the action box in a sidebar with text above or below the action box. As per usual, the templates are all responsive, so they work great on desktop as well as mobile. To start using the new template, simply change an existing landing page to use one of the variants of the Simple template, or pick a Simple template when creating a new landing page.

We can't wait to see what everyone do with these new, more modern templates!

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