Introducing Membership Sites

One of the things we've had requested the most in the last long while has been a design update to Spaces – the Simplero member sites as you know them right now. When we launched the Simplero Site in the beginning of the year, we promised that the next big thing we'd get to work on would be just that: bringing member sites in Simplero on par with the modern design of your Simplero site and what your customers generally have come to expect from an online business.

We had a number of ideas and requests that we knew would make member sites a lot stronger and a lot easier to work with. So, as we dug in to the work on reviving Spaces, it became obvious that the right path to go down was to take all our learnings and apply them anew to build a much stronger member site component of Simplero. Today marks the culmination of over a year's work, as we are beyond excited to announce the successor to Space: Membership sites.

Membership sites are built on the same platform as the Simplero sites, and thus offer a brand-consistent, modern and – dare I say – gorgeous look for your member sites, with the advanced page editor built right in as you're used to from your main site.

Just like you're used to with Spaces, Membership sites also feature not only a blog but also a forum and member directory. The big difference is, that Membership sites are built around the concept of a far more structured approach to the member site than Spaces, which makes a lot of exciting new things possible. The big part of this is that member sites now feature Courses with a structured curriculum and support for quizzes as part of the lesson plan.

There are so many things to show and tell about Membership sites, that we decided to do a (not so brief) video introduction of some of the more exciting parts of the new Membership sites:

As for Spaces, you can keep using them just as you do today, and we'll keep them around for those who are already using them – we promise. There are still a lot of things we want to add to Membership sites, so if you feel like you're missing something, feel free to put in your requests for features – chances are, it's already on our list.

We are genuinely super excited to launch this new part of Simplero, and we truly cannot wait to see what you all build with it. You'll find Membership sites under Content in your administrative interface for you Simplero account, and you can learn a lot more about the specific of the new membership sites in our help section.

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