When God Calls...

I’ve been doing a lot of downloading, lately. Not from the internet. From spirit.

I’ll tell my mind to give me an answer to something.

And then I trust that it’ll do what I asked of it.

(Because guess what? That’s what minds do!)

And sure enough, I’ll wake up at 5.30 am with the exact answer I was looking for.

What do I do then? Go back to sleep?

NO, of course not!!

I pick up my phone and open up a new note (thank god for the shortcut in the control center!), and start typing(thank god for the new QuickPath typing!).

I’ll then leave my phone in bed beside me, (It’s in airplane mode the whole time, of course) because sure enough, more will come. And each time, I’ll dutifully pick up the phone again and keep typing.

I saw an interview with Lady Gaga almost a decade ago now, where she said this:

“When God calls, pick up the damn phone!”

I couldn’t agree more. When inspiration hits, drop what you’re doing, get the fuck out of bed if need be, and act on it, write it down, do something with it. It’s a gift from God. Take it!

With passion,

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