Culture is destiny

I'm fascinated with culture these days.

If you get the culture right, everything else takes care of itself.

Culture is destiny.

Now, you may think this doesn't apply to you because you're a solo entrepreneur.

But it does.

Your culture is you. It's how you operate. It's how you make decisions. It's what you do.

Your systems. Your processes. Your discipline. Your passion. Your play. Your fun.

Most of us tend to focus on the outcome we want. The results.

The win.

The money.

The customers.

The ultimate success.

(Whatever that is.)

But focusing on that is a recipe for an emotional roller coaster.

Like looking at the scale each day. Some days it's up, some days it's down. It's frustrating.

Instead, focus on your culture. On how you show up.

Eat right every day. Exercise. Get sleep.

Do the work. Be proud. Be grateful.

Focus on the things you can control today.

That's your culture.

Trust that the results will come when you get your culture right.

The score will take care of itself

It's a practice.

Show up strong and present and committed and curious every day, and the results will come.

Trust in the process.

With passion,

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