Your body is your mind

Are you stiff anywhere,?

Any muscles that you haven't used in a while?

Most of us think it's all in our brain, and our bodies are secondary, not as important. Boy, are we wrong.

The body and mind are not separate. It's one organism. It's one whole.

We all know when we think something scary, our heart starts beating and we break out a sweat.

Likewise, when we experience something super physically pleasant, we start thinking and feeling better.

A couple of years back, I went to something super powerful called The Class by Taryn Toomey.

It's an in-person workout class, with loud pop music blaring, and lots of repetitive exercises. In-between periods where you hold one hand on your heart and another on your belly and close your eyes and just breathe and feel.

The floor of the room sits atop a bunch of white quartz crystals or something like that.

It's all very healing and beautiful.

Often times I'd get very emotional during class. The music, the energy in the room, the movements, Taryn's energy (I always went for the classes with her personally).

I'd start crying. Usually quiet tears. I'd continue doing the exercise, just allowing the tears.

The moments with eyes closed was a great opportunity to connect with my inner boy.

Kids naturally love moving about, playfully using their bodies. They're free, happy. Then we teach them to sit still. They get stiff and sore and tight.

For me, that happened early. Always as a 13-year old I had wrist pain from sitting so much at the computer, programming. From about age 10 to 40, I couldn't touch my feet.

When there are emotions we can't deal with at the moment, we store them away in our body tissue.

We unconsciously learn to avoid those pain points as we move about.

That's why we stop enjoying moving and using our bodies. It brings up old unprocessed emotion. It's uncomfortable.

But it's a perfect opportunity to process all that stuff.

You can handle it today. Just allow the inner kid to feel all the stuff and be there for them, the way your parents weren't able to back then.

Each time you feel it is an invitation to heal.

Keep doing it. Allow the tears, the pain, the anger, the fear, whatever it is. Breathe.

And keep moving.

Keep moving in new ways.

Challenge yourself and be there for yourself at the same time the way a good father would.

It's never too late.

Just move, breathe, and feel.

That's it.

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