How it all started

I told you the story of how I found my life purpose: Integrating spirituality and entrepreneurship in my own life and teaching others to do the same.

Now, you may ask, why? What’s the point?

Great question.

Because it solves pretty much every challenge that we entrepreneurs face.

Challenges such as which direction to go in. What business to start, what values to base it on, what products to offer, what your unique selling proposition is going to be, what strategies to use to build your company, what your culture should be like, how your team should operate, and much more.

You see, before knowing this, I’d be like a candle in the wind, always blowing hither and dither. There was no anchor because I didn’t know what I was here to do, other than making money.

After, I had a way to get clear answers to any dilemma I was facing.

It also solves challenges such as fear, worry, struggle, putting in way too much effort with little or no results, doing more and more of the stuff that ain’t working, and ultimate burnout.

It solves the emotional struggle of feeling like a failure, or an imposter, or unworthy, or any of the myriad of feelings that we experience on an almost daily basis.

And guess what? It wasn’t just me that had been struggling with this stuff. It was all of the entrepreneurs I knew struggling with this.

So I was like “man, I HAVE to teach this stuff to other entrepreneurs!”


They’re in pain, and I have exactly what they need to ease the pain.

It’s almost a moral obligation to teach this stuff.

I’m sure you know exactly what I’m talking about.

So I decided to do that.

But there was a problem.

A BIG problem.

I knew NOTHING about teaching ANYTHING.

How do you even get started?

Do you teach a workshop?

How do you put together a workshop?

How do you get people to show up for it?

(Where am I even going to host it?)

So I started searching online for answers to this stuff.

And that’s when I discovered online courses.


I’m good with computers.

Of course, I can do this online stuff.

Websites, videos, that stuff’s easy.

For me, that is.

But it turned out, it wasn’t that easy after all.

Shopping carts.


Membership sites.

Video encoding.

Video hosting.

Landing pages.

Affiliate tracking.

Each thing requiring its own piece of software. And me “gluing” it all together.


Even for someone as “tech-savvy” as me, that was a source of endless frustration.

All the context switching going from app to app.

Different software working different from each other.

Then something breaks, and you have to figure out why (and even what system).

Being bounced around from one customer service to another when shit’s broken.

So I started building my own.

Piece by piece.

With the vision of creating ONE INTEGRATED SYSTEM that would do EVERYTHING I needed to run my information business.

And that’s what I did.

And that’s what become Simplero.

This is how it started.

(Back in 2009.)

And it’s only gotten better since then.

I didn’t write this to brag about Simplero (although I’m super proud of it).

I wrote it to illustrate what can happen when you really know yourself and what you’re here to do.

I met an entrepreneur the other day. He was in the business of selling wallpaper. So I asked him, “hey, do you know what your life purpose is?” “I have no idea, but it sure as hell ain’t selling wallpaper.”

Don’t let that happen to you.

It’s not nearly as hard to figure this stuff out as you might think.

So get on it, already!

If you want help with this, I’m happy to oblige. Just leave a comment.

(In fact, if there’s enough interest, I might lead a mini training on this specifically, because it’s so foundational, it’s kinda crazy not to have a really clear picture of this.)

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Jeffery Schneider


I hope in the near future you can create or maybe you have already made a mini training series on this spiritual mindset of developing oneself as an entrepreneur. I've been wanting to find a way to channel my inner entrepreneurial spirit using my spiritual energy and zest to help others and find great purpose in life. I know many others are also interested in this but have yet to realize this is even a possibility!

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Calvin Correli

I'd love to. I'll make sure to put that on our content idea list.

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