Just a quick inspirational note here from the founder of Simplero.

Whenever I go to the gym, I'm always fascinated by all the people there who just seem to dabble a bit.

  • They're on the treadmill, all slumped, just going on a Sunday stroll it seems.
  • Or doing pushups, but their arms are barely moving.
  • Or they're lifting weights, but their muscles are barely working.

I'm always like "what the fuck are you doing here?"

If you're not going to engage, if you're not going to put in effort and energy, why bother?

Why not just lie on the couch and watch TV? I don't get it.

When you engage in the gym, you get MORE energy. It gets MORE fun. And you get way more RESULTS.

It's just better all around.

Is it harder? Yeah, maybe, a little bit.

But mostly in your mind.

Your body LOVES it.

Your body is capable of much much more than you think it is.

And this goes for EVERY part of your life.

When you're working on your business, WORK ON YOUR BUSINESS.

When you're in conversation with someone, be in that conversation.

When you're making love, MAKE GODDAMN LOVE!

Whatever you do, make a commitment to engage fully.

You'll find that things get so much better when you do.

There's a voice in your head saying "I'm tired, I'm stressed, I don't have the energy, maybe tomorrow, this is hard, I can't do this."

Just ignore that voice.

It's lying.

It really is.

It's full of shit.

Don't pay any attention to it.

Don't think about the future. Just focus on this moment right now.

In the gym, don't focus on the whole exercise program for the day. Don't even focus on the next set.

Just focus on THIS rep. Can I do this? Yes, I can. Great. Moving on.

Same with everything.

Can I write this one word?



Now let's write the next one.

And pretty soon you have a sales letter done.

It's really that easy.

When you engage.

I'll see you on the playing field.

Help the kid
You can have anything you want


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