When things get too good

Yesterday, I had such an awesome, awesome day.

I met with people that gave me tremendous compliments and ideas and insights that I could build on for an incredible future.

My team was all fired up and creative and brainstorming, planning our massive 10x breakthrough.

We had these massive custom made art pieces mounted on the walls of our home, and it looked absolutely amazing.

And yet, the day ended like shit.

I had an argument with Nomi.

I couldn't sleep.

I felt sorry for myself.

I knew better than to buy into my own bullshit, but I was feeling miserable just the same.


When things like this happen, I always remind myself: This is just an upper limit.

No need to go into the story, the content, the what happened, the why.

Things got too good, and I had to take myself down a notch.



Love myself.

Love what's happening.

Stop resisting and just surrender to the body, to the feelings.

No need for drama.

Just consciously make a choice to allow yourself to have more success, love, and wellbeing.

Our system is not accustomed to it.

It's like running too high a voltage through an electric system.

Luckily our electric system can be upgraded easily through software.

We just have to do shine the light of our consciousness on the underlying issues.

Whoop! That's it! The system's upgraded.

But you might have to do it again and again, each time we amp up the voltage.

So get used to it, and love the process.

Plan backwards
Challenge and love

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Jeffery Schneider

This one hit hard with me Calvin. I also tend to get frustrated when this happens but have been also trying to practice reminding myself that life is not always going to be happiness and success. We deal with the real human emotional tole of making mistakes and suffering because of elements not always under our control. I think that this makes us appreciate the success and happy moments more when we are able to take a moment to realize this. We are going to make mistakes and we need to be accepting and move on and love each and every moment of the process as you said so eloquently.

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