I just had another one of those experiences where saying yes to a series of hunches paid off.

Despite doubt creeping in at every turn.

Last fall I was on an airplane when I saw a Tweet about a conference that I just knew I had to attend.

Then I saw another tweet about an unofficial afterparty. Immediately signed up for that, too.

There I saw someone that I started following online.

When he launched a new business, I followed him over there.

Then he sent an email asking for support. I love his work, so I gladly pitched in.

That led to getting on a call.

And now we'll meet up in person.

It's likely to be a major connection that will help further my big mission in life.

But only because I said yes to at least five invitations that life offered me, one after the other.

And each one I had doubts. I couldn't rationalize it. But I went with it anyway.

If there's one master trick to life, that's it.

Say yes when you feel that intuition, even if you have no idea what it's going to lead to.

You have no way of knowing.

It's not up to you to know.

Just say yes.


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