New preview course function in Membership sites


If you have multiple courses on a membership site, and not all participants have access to all courses, you can now tease them with the other courses available with the preview function. This can be particularly handy, if you want your participants to upgrade to a plan with more courses, or to enroll for the follow up course or take a course that supplements what they already have. 

The function is controlled from the course settings, where you under Preview can choose to show the entire course overview with all lessons, or you can choose to show only the lessons (and their modules) that are selected for preview. Finally you can turn preview off completely. You can also setup a message about how to get access, and should you wish add a button to send them to a sales page or order form, you can do that as well.

Preview in course settings

You then turn preview on for the lessons (if any) that you want your potential participants to be able to see. If a lesson is selected for preview, the entire content can be seen. Lessons selected for preview is clearly marked in the course overview.

Lesson set to preview

When setup, the preview function will make the courses visible both in the Course catalog section on a page, and in the navigation. When clicking on a page a participant doesn't have access to, the preview text and button is shown above the course overview with modules and lessons available for preview (shown accordingly to the preview settings of the course). When they click in on a lesson that can be previewed, the preview text and button. is also shown at the bottom of the lesson.

We hope you will enjoy this new feature, and that it will help you entice your customers to purchase even more of your great courses.

Have fun utilizing it

- Merete


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Morten Spindler

I am unsure how this works (maybe I need to dig deeper), but is the preview fully functionally? I ask, becasue I am looking for a preview that doesn't work, but shows people, that something is there for the taking, if they just let go os some of the green stuff.

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Merete Stenner

Hi Morten. The lessons you set to be available for preview are fully functional, meaning, the customer visiting the preview can see the entire content of those select lessons, and depending on your preview settings can either just see the modules with lessons selected for preview or the entire course overview, but can only click into the lessons that are selected for preview. Hope that cleared it up for you :)
- Merete

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Boz Sayers

I'm with Morten. It's a little confusing how it works.

I also would like the functionality of only showing that there are more classes available without giving any access. So these lesson previews will show up in the Course Catalogue but are not accessible to the students.


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