New: Integrate Simplero with your other favorite services using Zapier

We are excited to tell you about our latest feature, Zapier Integration!
Zapier is a service that connects the web apps you use to easily move your data and automate tedious tasks.  They have 300+ popular apps on their roster; think Gmail, Salesforce, Basecamp et al. And we are now pleased to announce that Simplero has joined that list.
Zapier operates on a "if this happens, then do this" principle.  Technically, we call them triggers and actions.  If trigger happens, then perform action.  For example, you have a "Contact Us" form on your sales page, and you would like to add whoever submits the form to a list called "Potential Customers" in Simplero.  The Zapier integration is built just for this!
Zapier also works the other way, from Simplero to other apps. e.g. When someone makes a purchase in Simplero, you would like to send them a text message.  Simplero + Zapier + Twilio can make it happen.
Here is how to for example set up a zap so that whenever someone subscribes to a list, you'll get a text message on your phone.
  1. Sign up with Zapier, using this link.  If you are already a Zapier customer, simply login to you account there and then click on this link.  That will add Simplero to the apps you have access to.
  2. Click "Make a Zap!"
  3. As the trigger application, select "Simplero Beta", then choose "New subscription"
  4. For the action, select "Phone", then "Send SMS"
  5. Click "Connect a Simplero Beta account"
  6. Switch over to your Simplero account in a new tab, go to Settings > API Keys, and create a new API key for use with Zapier. Enter "Zapier" when asked about the purpose of the API key. 
  7. Switch back to Zapier and paste the API-key into the field there. Then click Continue.
  8. Now you need to configure the Phone app. Enter your phone number, have it send a confirmation pin, then check your phone and go enter that pin into the field. Click Continue.
  9. Choose the Simplero list you want to trigger on, and choose List as the trigger type.
  10. Type a message you want to receive. The message can include name, email, and other data.
You can do lots more, of course, including using other services as the "trigger", and Simplero as the "action" part.
Give it a spin, and if you run into problems, you know where to find us. And do tell us about all the cool things you end up doing with this!
Happy integrating!
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