What to do when it didn't work

When things don't work out the way you want them to, what do you do?

You try something else.

What if that doesn't work out?

Try something else.

Keep trying till you get there.

It's really that simple.

Most people give up after the first obstacle.

A lot more after the second.

Success lies sometimes at the end of trying 50 things that didn't work.

Trust me, I've been there.

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Simon Margulies

So true. Have you ever heard the story about Thomas Edison?  I don't quite remember how many times Edison tried to get the light bulb working, but I think it was way over 300 experiments before he actually got it right (could actually be over 3000, but it seemed so much now when writing it). When a news reporter asked him if he didn't get tired of all failures, he's said to have responded: "Failures? I don't see them as failures. In fact I was happy because I then knew that wasn't the right way of doing it."

Well - I have clearly put some of my words in his mouth, but the understanding was the same.

Thank's for your awesome way of presenting your ideas and what's behind succeeding in launching a course. I totally agree and it's a joy to having started to use a tool ran by such amazing and inspiring crew. 

All my best to all of you!

With love,


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Elliott U Brice

One of my favorite pieces of folk wisdom is that an expert is someone who has found every possible way to fail in a certain field.

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