This virus is the real deal

At first, my thought was that the virus was going to turn out to be not that big of a deal, but that the economic consequences were going to be very real.

The second half is definitely going to hold up.

I'm not so sure about the first half.

This is the best article I've read on the subject.

Based on my latest information, death rates are between 0.5% and 6%, and it depends a lot on how diligently we respond.

The challenge is that we don't know how many cases there really are. We only know how many have been detected, either because people have gotten tested, or because they've fallen ill or died.

So the true number is likely much much higher than the official numbers.

And the best course of action is to avoid contact with other people as much as possible.

Not just for you. I believe I have a healthy immune system. But if I catch the virus, I might infect lots of other people that don't have my immune system.

If we all just stay at home for 2-3 weeks, the thing will be over.

But if we don't, it could last a lot longer.

The trick is to slow it down enough that it won't overwhelm the health care system the way it did in Italy.

So I'm personally suspending all travel until further notice.

President Trump just announced an end to all traffic from Europe, which means my kids won't be able to visit me for Easter as planned.

The sooner we do this, the better.

Thankfully, Simplero is already fully remote.

And it just so happens that what we do around here is enable you to run your business remotely.

Take full advantage of that.

If you've been doing in-person sessions, whether coaching or acupuncture or some other type of session and you've hesitated to create your first online course, now's the time.

This is the perfect opportunity to get even better set up for remote work.

Yes, this pandemic is going to pass, and we're going to be fine in the long run. If we take the necessary action today!

We must all do our part right now to help stop the spread. Every day counts.

Stay safe, stay healthy!

With passion,

Staying safe in a crisis - Crushing the Coronavirus with Calvin Correli and Kasim Aslam


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