A Couple More Automation Tweaks: Send SMS to Your Customers, and Wait for a Weekday

Just added a couple new details to automations.

First, you can now send text messages not just to yourself as notifications, but also to your customers. That way you can offer products that consist of for example daily text messages, all pre-scheduled in advance.

Second, I added the ability to wait for a weekday, or a Monday, or a weekend, or any specific week day you want. Plus the ability to wait until you're between certain hours of the day, say between 10am and 5pm.

That means you can now start to offer products that include a text message each morning at 7am, for example. Or you can time your drip course to drip each week on a Monday. However you like to do it.

It's all part of the new Automations engine, available on all Basic, Professional, and Unlimited accounts.


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