How to Write Great Email Content that Delivers Value and Will Help Make the Sale

Email can be a powerful selling tool. You can leverage your email content to effectively micro-convert subscribers to click through to your landing page, which reinforces your brand, product offers, and items for sale. Below we've provided a few content ideas to use in the email body to boost sales and increase customer satisfaction.

1. Tell a Story 
Telling a story along with launching a new product or offering a freebie can be a powerful way to speak to your customer without the cheesy salesman approach. *In a study conducted by the University of Washington in St. Louis, researchers found telling stories as opposed to focusing on features or specifications allows your readers to better understand the pain points your product solves, and the desire to purchase. 

2. Tell a Customer Story 
It's great to pull personal stories from your own experiences, but showcasing a client case study from taking your online course or downloading an E-book can provide validation and "proof in the pudding". You know you're an expert in your field, but when others are also singing your praises and validating your amazingness, it's impressive and an opportunity to close the sale.

3. Sneak Preview 
Not ready to launch your product, yet? Pre-selling your product can be a great idea for an email blast. It's a great way to get customer feedback and test the demand before wasting time on a topic that isn't resonating with your target market. Also, you provide your audience with special insights into your next product and build excitement.

4. Thank You
Gratitude goes a long way. It's an old-school tactic, but in the ever-changing online marketing landscape, it still resonates with us all. In a digital age, where we think "the other side" is just a flat screen, it feels nice to know, someone (a human) still cares. Thank you messages will build brand loyalty and help your audience connect with you. It's not a good idea to do a hard sell within the content of a thank you email after someone purchases, but a low-key product recommendation based on their past purchases can have high click-through rates and are often appreciated.
5. Co-Promote 
Partner with leading experts in your field and promote each other's products. It can help introduce you to their audience and potentially gain new followers. It'll give you additional exposure for potential sales and it's a win-win for you both. Or collaborate on a course together. Either way, sharing is caring!

6. Behind-the-Scenes 
Give your readers the chance to see you in action. Did you volunteer at a charity event recently? Did you interview an expert you admire? Did you hire a new employee? This can provide you with interesting content and give your audience an inside look into the inner workings of a savvy entrepreneur. You'll see an upward spike in sales if you can provide content that strengthens your brand image and can evoke positive emotional feelings from your buyers. Good vibes are the right vibes.

7. Use Your Own Voice
We can give tips all day long, but it's important that your emails sound like YOU. Your company is unique and has its own brand voice.  Don't be afraid to be yourself.  If you would never ever say a word in conversation with a friend, don't say it in an email.  Sound like yourself.  

Hopefully these content ideas will put you on the right track to perfecting your email content and upping your selling game! Please let us know if these tips were helpful and if you have any tips you would like to share with our community.

*University of Washington St. Louis study from a Campaign Monitor blog post 
Originally by Raegan Rivers. Revised on September 4, 2021 by Beth Barr-Jobson
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