New Feature: Warn about Upcoming Renewals for Long Subscription Periods

We've all tried it: You have some sort of annual subscription, and you meant to cancel, but you keep getting forgetting, until one day it renews, and it's too late. You write in, ask if they'll make an exception and do a refund, but it's a hassle for everyone.

Much better if there was a warning a few days before the renewal, so you have time to cancel if that's what you want to do. It sucks to be caught by surprise.

It's also one of our core values here at Simplero to do right by customers. We'll never charge someone's card without also emailing them a receipt so they know. I've been burned myself by silent subscriptions that were charging for months before I noticed. That'll never happen on Simplero.

In the same vein, it makes sense to warn people when a renewal is coming up. It's been bugging me for a while that we didn't have this feature.

Thankfully, now we do.

By default, if the subscription period is longer than 80 days, which effectively means about 3 months or longer, we'll warn each time before a renewal. By default we'll warn 5 days before the renewal is due.

To change these default values, go to Settings > Product.


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