Giving Gifts + Fixed Subscription Start Dates

New Features in Simplero

This week we have brought another popular feature request to you all!  You can now set  Subscription prices with a fixed start date!  Just below the access field, you will find "Let the period run until a fixed date".  You can enter the date you wish the subscription to start charging on.  We hope this little feature update helps you all in your Holiday sales & product gift giving! 

Did you know you could do this?

With Christmas and Holidays just a few weeks away, many of you may have customers who want to purchase courses as gifts for friends and family. Did you know you Simplero allows a purchase to be gifted to someone else? On the order form there’s an option to check a box saying “This is a gift”. When checked, we ask when it should be delivered, and optionally offer to pass along a note to the recipient. We don’t reveal the giver, so they need to put that in the note if they want the recipient to know. Once a gift is purchased, it is not considered active until the time & date it’s being delivered, which is chosen by the giver. Until then, it’s in a pending state, waiting for the gift time/date to be released to the participant. Once that happens, the participant will get a gift email, any immediate auto-responses, and possibly login information if there’s a space involved with the product. 

Read more about how to utilize this awesome feature here


Join us for Office Hours!

We are excited that so many of you have been joining us for Office Hours! If you are a new Simplero customers, Office Hours is face to face time with us, answering questions about your account, using Simplero in general or specifics. These office hours are free and they're designed to be heavy on the Q&A - we want to get you the answers you need to get into action with your Simplero account. We had another great Office Hours yesterday and hope you'll join us next weeks with your great questions!

You can sign up here for Danish Office Hours covering Upsells & Order Bumps this Thursday at 10am Danish time!
Our next English Office Hours will be all all about Landing Pages, sign up here!


Make it a great week!
—The Simplero Team

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