Ever wonder why none-SIMPLERO-users have skinny kids in ragged clothes?


Well, I’ll probably take some heat for that headline.

I’ll live with that, though.

Especially since there actually is some truth to the notion.

Here is the evidence.


Now, anyone could have made that graphic with a fictive number, but i tell you man...

it is really true, this is a real screen dump from inside the Simplero backend, and the number is the total revenue of our customers over the past 8 years.

And hey.

The number is growing, and so is the number of active, Simplero users.

I think that this is different from many other online platforms where people share content, and Calvin the man talks more about that topic on a video he recorded specially for you on new years eve 2018/19, the actual day that the number rounded that crazy corner...


Yea man, that sure is something, ain't it?


This is where I try to tease you to actually watch the video, in spite the fact that I've already spoiled some of the fun by telling you about the 100 million.

But here's the thing.

Calvin always throws in some goodies that you can use to go make real money (which is good for feeding your family, right?).

Here are a couple of them:

  • How to honor your customers by forcing them to have some skin in the game

  • What Megan did to lift $3,000 out of thin air with one click (and a little more).

  • The secret of how one of our customers went on a 1 month camping vacation without loosing a dime of sales.

– and much more...




Morten Spindler
Community Manager at Simplero



Here is a transcript of the live video, if you'd rather read it:

Good morning, everybody.

It's your favorite CEO here, Calvin Corelli from Simplero.

I'm here to share a really exciting milestone. A really exciting milestone. As of this morning, Simplero customers have made a combined $100 million, $684,000, and $734. That came out weird. $100,684,733. That's the number. $100,684,734 combined. If I refresh everybody, I bet it's going to be even bigger. That's how that works, right? Unless everybody decided to refund a bunch of money in the past minute. I don't think they did. This is less refunds, by the way. I think that's pretty spectacular. I'm pretty proud of having been part of helping people make that much money, supplying the software, the platform, the support, the robustness, the stability, the features and functionality.

We got an email from someone the other day who was like, "I'm going to go on a one month camping vacation with my family thanks for Simplero, because now my business is automated, and it just works. I'm just going to be offline for a month." Personally, I'm like, "Good for you." I'm glad I'm not the one going camping, because I don't like it. But I love that you do what you do, what you love to do, and I love that Simplero enables you to do that. That is pretty amazing.

Megan Meyers wrote in our Facebook group the other day that she took our Done for You campaign here, the opt-in sale. I can share if you want to see something, on the screen, I can probably share that. Here. Sorry, I'm just moving stuff around here. See if that works. Boom. There you go. The opt-in sale campaign, she installed that and ran it on a product that she does nothing with normally, so it just sits there collecting dust. No, it doesn't really collect dust, but you know what I'm saying. She took that product; she took the sale here, put it together for that product, barely edited the emails, and then just hit send on it. And she made an extra ... what did she say? $3,000? Plus some in the day after with that extra email that you send the day after. That's pretty good for almost no work and a product that was just sitting there.

Who doesn't like an extra three grand?

Yeah, Simplero works. Simplero does the job. It's just a matter of you doing your part, focusing on the things that make a difference, that move the needle, and then you can go make real money online. All the marketplaces out there for your content ... what is it called? Skill Share and Linda, and these things, they're good for lead generation, but they're generally not very good for making money.

Simplero is for people who actually want to feed their families, who actually want to make money in this business, which is great for you and your family, obviously. It happens to also be great for your customers. When you charge for something, they take it more seriously. They get better results with it, and so it's actually a really good idea for your customers as well, to charge real money for it.

There you have it. $100,000,000 ... 600 ...

I've navigated away, so you're going to get a fresh number as of right now. It takes a second. There we go. $100,685,591. $100,685,591 is the combined take home from everybody on Simplero.

I find that super exiting. I'm very grateful.

The reason we get up every day here at Simplero, it's not to make the most gazillion money in the world. I'm sure we could find other things that would make us more money. The reason we get up every day is really to see people get their jewels inside out into the world. To get those things that they have to teach, that unique experience that you have, that can unlock potential for other people. To get that our into the world. But not just in this, "We're going to give it all away," because that's not honoring that gift that you have, and it's not honoring your customers.

If they don't have some skin in the game, they're not likely to benefit from it.

We all need to feed our families, so to do it in a way that you can feed your family, that your gift is honored and valued, and that your customers are required to put in some of themselves into it, so that they get the results. That's really what we're about. We want to see you have your stuff out there, have your courses out there, have that connection that you can get with someone when you really transform their lives, when you're really contributing in a major way to someone's life. We want to see you have that impact, have that experience of how good it feels with yourself to know that we have got your back, that we're cheering for you, we're rooting for you, and that we're on this journey.

I started Simplero because I was teaching online courses myself where actually ... I'm just itching to get back into teaching some online course stuff again. I haven't done it for a while. So that's going to happen in 2019. I'm very, very excited about that. You're going to see more about that. Because it's really got so much power, creating these learning experiences for people where you can support them in just the right way with content, with audio and written and video, and coaching calls, and all these things so you can really help transform people in a way that works for them, that works for you, and that makes you a living.

We get up every day excited to make it as easy and as simple as possible for you to take everything you know and put it out there.

There's lots of moving parts in a business like this. There's websites, and opt- ins, and freebies, and landing pages, and your product, and how you structure those, and copyrighting. There's strategies and taxes, there's all these moving parts to it, so we want to take as much of that off the table as we can so that you can focus on the thing that is your unique contribution. That's what we're aiming to do, and that's what keeps us excited to get to work every day. We want to be your partner, your ally in getting this out there and you having that connection with your audience.

That's what I have for you this morning. Let's see. Do a quick check-in ... I don't see comments on this thing here, so if anyone is commenting live or anything, I ain't seeing it with this tool. But we can do a quick check-in on the number. It's gone up just by a little bit. It says now $100,685,623, so not a lot of sales in the last minute or so, but still.

All right, guys. Happy new year, by the way!

It's the last day of the year. It is Monday, it is December the 31st, 2018, and there are going to be no more days in 2018. That's just how it is. No more days. No more days in 2018. This is it. This is the last one. Yeah. What are you going to do in 2019? Maybe we should do a video about that. I have some thoughts. I know what I'm going to focus on, so yeah. Maybe. Maybe not.

All right. I'll hang up now, and we'll catch up later. Bye, guys.

Calvin Correli.

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