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True story...

Around 1986 I travelled from Denmark to England – it was a 15 hour trip by ferry.

Before the trip, the weather forecast was not too promising, so friends and familiy warned me that the trip would be rough, and I should get some sea sick pills, because... for sure, I would throw up and want to jump over the side of the ferry before the end.

But when people say stuff like that to me, I tend to go...

= = =

Screw you, I am not getting sea sick.

= = =

So I went to the library (no internet back then), and I researched all I could about how to avoid being sea sick.

And I did one more thing.

I visualized that when the ship would start to rock, I would just smile and find it amusing. So instead of dreading it and knowing on beforehand that it would make me sick... I knew it would make me laugh. Of course I knew that I could be wrong.

But I thought...

Screw that too, if I'm wrong, then that's fine, worrying about it will probably just make it worse (at best).

So I didn't.

And, what happened?

When the ship started to rock, I just danced and smiled at it, while my travel companions faces turned white. The next morning the captain announced that arrival would be postponed 4-6 hours due to the heavy storm, so we would just have to brace ourselves for a much longer trip than planned.

I thought.... what a good thing, this is so funny.

I had just woken up after a good nights sleep in the galley, so I went to ask if my friend Lars would join me for some breakfast, but after knocking on his door for a couple of minutes he stumbled out of bed and opened the door, and when I said the word »breakfast«... that's when it happened:

= = =

He ran to the toilet, threw up, and didn't speak to me again that day.

= = =

I walked up the stairs to the cafeteria, where I saw something very odd.

Very odd indeed.

The cafeteria was empty, but for the captain, a couple of crew members, and the cafeteria staff.

I realized that everybody was probably downstairs throwing up like my friend Lars, and that I'd have to eat my breakfast alone.

I was the only person (except for the crew), who wasn't sea sick, and to this day, I have never been sick from any kind of travel.


Because I prepare.

I get a good nights sleep before traveling.

I make sure I have a good fluid balance and that my belly is full of healthy food.

(Not hungry, not thirsty, not tired).

But the most important thing? 

I don't accept the idea, that I can get sea sick.

I just don't.

Now, I thought of this again the other day when I heard Calvin Correli talk about manifestations and how they work... It's not like you can manifest a pizza when you're hungry, but when you visualize already having the things you want, then you increase the chance of getting them, because your mind is looking for what your brain already believes you can have.

It's very simple.

But there's more to it...

So go listen to Calvin's story, and his take on it.

As always he has a few more goodies in there, that you don't want to miss.

One of them being...

  • How to get warmer (or more hot, if you like) by wearing less clothes, even when it's freakin' cold.





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Here is a transcript of the live video, if you'd rather read it: 

Hey, people. It's me, Calvin.

Quick note today. I was just ... A few odds and ends, but yesterday I was just reminded of how this manifestation thing totally works. Right?

Where you visualize something, and you believe in it, and you get to that place within yourself where you just cultivate that state of, "Oh. I really believe in this thing."

And so, what happened for me yesterday ... I have this coffee shop down the street and I'm this guy that will ... It gets really busy in the afternoon. I went there yesterday in the afternoon and I'm this guy ... Here's where this ends that I was trying to make. I'm this guy that will be like, "Oh. Fuck. There's probably no table. There's probably no place for me to sit, because it gets so crowded in the afternoon."

I just wanted to go down there and there was something specific I wanted to work on. I was just ... And then, I remembered in that second, "No, no, no, no, no. Don't do that." Right?

Visualize. I come right in and it may be crowded or not, but right as I come in this perfect seat opens up. They have this long sofa with four separate tables that you can sit at and that's where I like to sit. In that sofa, with my laptop, working on whatever I'm working on. It was like, I'm just going to visualize that ... I mean, there's not gonna be a seat free just like that, but I'm visualizing that a seat opens up just as I enter the door.

Low and behold, here's what happened. I go in, there's no seat open, I put my stuff down on the opposite side of the sofa or from one of the tables, and say, "Hey. Can I share a table with you?"

Of course, he says yes. So, go up to order my food and coffee, and then I sit ... Don't tell anyone I had coffee, because I'm not supposed to have coffee. But, I did. Anyway, I come back and just as I'm about to sit down that guy that was in that sofa opposite from me he gets up to leave. 

And so, the sofa clears up.

What then happened too is another lady ... A lady had seen that as well and she was on her way there. I was like ... No. I was sitting on the opposite side of this table, and then she was like, "Oh. Well, yeah. Go ahead." But, I was like, "No, no. You can totally take the sofa. I'll just stay on this side and once something else opens up I'll just sit there."

She was like, "No, no, no. You take it. I have some ... " So, I ended up ... I'm like, "Are you sure?" Bottom line is that sofa just opened up. Boom. Right there. And then, I remember this fall in October when my kids were here we went upstate New York and we did a bunch of hiking.

Weren't prepared at all. We were just like, "All right. Let's get started." And so, Flora, my daughter got really thirsty and she was like, "Oh. I wish we had brought some water and what do we ... " I was like, "Oh. Shit." We'd seen some other people who'd brought some water like, "Oh. That might be a good idea if you're gonna be hiking for a couple hours. Bring some water." Hadn't thought of it, honestly. And then, so we started talking about it, and then I was like, "Oh." We'd been listening to some Louise Hay in the car driving there, and then she was like, "Oh. So, now I just need to think positive thoughts and somehow water will manifest, will happen."

And, freakin' A if it didn't happen. Right? We walk up there, and then it turns out there's a source at the top. There's a place where you can get fresh water. And then, we had a little bit of water there ... Was that actually ... No. I think that happened the opposite way around. We went there, and then we went to this panoramic overview on a cliff and stuff. And then, these guys come and they sit down next to us. And then, they hand us their bottle of water saying ... Or, this flask of whatever metal thing that they had with their water. Hand it to us and say, "Hey do you guys want some water?"

Just like that.

We didn't ask, we didn't do nothing.

They just handed us that and were just like, "All right. Do you want some water?" So, yeah. We drank and they were like, "No, no. You can drink the whole thing, you guys. We've got plenty of water." So, we got water.

And then, after that is then we realized also there was actually a source of water. There was a place that we could drink water up there. So, just another reminder to just ... You're thinking really matters on this stuff and play around with it. Play around with it in your life.

Like, notice when you start having those thoughts. "Oh. I bet there's no parking space." Or, "I bet she'll reject me." Or customers or, "He's not gonna work." Or, whatever. Really work to change that thought pattern and start thinking in ... Feel how it feels to really believe in what you want to have happen and think those thoughts. Just play with it and see what it does.

I know it's manifesting 101, but I so often forget to do that and I bet that you probably ... The same thing, but when we do remember make a note of it and just keep reminding yourself to do that.

Will you do that for me? Will you do that for me? I hope you will, because I think it's ... I mean, it just makes ... Why the hell would go around constantly manifesting something that you don't want and what if it doesn't work? Maybe it doesn't work at all, maybe it never works, maybe it was just a fluke, maybe it was just random chance or accident. But, you know what? Just feels better to be like, "Of course there's a seat, of course there's a place, of course this is gonna work out, of course they're gonna say yes, of course everything is gonna work out exactly the way you're hoping for." Like, "Hey. Why not?"

If it doesn't you can always have a back up plan. It's fine. All right. A couple of other fun facts. I know I've told you guys about my workout routine where I exercise at least eight hours a week, which makes it out to one hour and nine minutes per day average, which means I basically work out every single day.

But, these past couple days I started ... Usually, I would do a full workday, and then workout in the afternoon. And then, I actually kind of crash, and then I get really exhausted from work, and really exhausted from then exercising. And then, I'd eat, and then I'd just be toast.

Then I'd just be super tired.

I was like, "How do people do stuff at night? I don't understand it." So, yesterday morning I woke up at 6:00 ... Actually 5:00 something and I couldn't fall back to sleep, so I just got up at 6:00. And then, I went to the gym. It was at 6:18, did my workout. Hour 20 minutes or 25 or something like that, and then went back up, showered, and ready for the day. It just felt really nice to have that done, not doing it in the afternoon. I didn't have the crash. So, I was like, "I'm gonna try this now." So, did it this morning as well. Woke up a little later, went to workout for like and hour 20 or something ... This time was weights, yesterday was pafei.

And, yeah. Feeling good so far, so I think that's gonna be my new routine. I know it's like a classic thing of working out in the morning, I just ... I've always been like, "I don't really want to. I'd rather get straight to work. I'm really excited about some things and whatever."

But, this actually feels really good now. I'm gonna try that for a while and see how that works, so I'll keep you posted. The third thing that I just want to throw in there ... Really odd. In the winter, this is New York City it gets cold. Some days it gets really cold. We have heat obviously, but it can still be kind of cold. And so, I usually have normal socks like cotton, whatever. And then, some thick, woolen socks on top, and then these Tom shoes that I use as my indoor loafers.

That's usually what I have on my feet in the winter and still sometimes my feet kind of get cold, but then they get really warm. And then, it's not really comfortable. It's not really great.

And then, when were in Copenhagen working with Bengt our mentor there ... My wife and I. They have this no shoe policy, and then I was like ... I brought all that stuff, and then I was like, "Let me just try to be barefoot. Bengt is barefoot. How does that work?" It turned out I actually had less cold feet, and so when we came back home Nomi started doing it here and she was like, "Why don't ... " So, I tried it too. I was like, why not try walking bare feet? Low and behold, I'm barefoot now. Here's my ... Oh. Shoot. My left hip is so fucking stiff I can't ... Anyway, here are my feet. I'm barefoot.

I've been doing it for a couple weeks now and it's great.

It's actually really ... My feet feel less cold now than they would when I had two pairs of socks, and loafer, and all that shit on it. They feel less cold now, which is weird, but as my wife pointed out. We don't walk around wearing gloves all day. So, they actually regulate their temperature themselves. I feel good, I don't feel cold, I don't feel ... My fear would be like, "Oh my God. I'm gonna get a cold or something. I'm gonna get sick from it." Not happening.

Anyway, yeah. Just an idea. Try it out. See what happens for you. I guess if I were to try to make a bigger point of it I would be like there's those assumptions ... A good point is my feet have always had this tendency to be cold in the winter, and then I'd put socks on, and then I'd put loafers on, and then I'd put more socks on, and more stuff, and it didn't work.

And so, going in the complete opposite direction? Boom. Problem solved. I think that's a pattern that we see in a lot of places in life. Right? I mean, basically that's what I've been talking about all day. Your thoughts go, "Oh. It's never gonna work. Blah, blah, blah."

You go the completely opposite direction?

Boom. It works.

Working out in the afternoon is like, "Oh. Sure." And then, you crash and all right. Go the opposite, don't workout at all. No. Workout in the morning. So, there is something to that. Reminds me of the story of the bananas. Right? The monkeys and the bananas. They keep chasing for those, reaching for those bananas, and not realizing they can just turn around and there's a door right there they can get outside the cage. And then, they can just go grab as many bananas as they want.

So, I think there's a thing here. Also, kind of the thing that we're scared of. Just do it and turns out to not be scary at all.

I mean, pretty much everything that we've done in our lives was scary at first, and then you do them, and then they're just scary at all.

Just a good reminder that, that happens all the time and scary shit is not that scary.

Hey. I just realized ... I'm using this Restream, so I don't know if there's ... I think if people are chatting. I don't know. I'm seeing if people are saying something. Let me just open that chat and see. All right. Not sure how that works, we'll figure it out at some point.

Anyway, thank you guys for watching. It's a pleasure as always. I'll see you guys soon when I ... Yeah. So many things actually I want to get to, but trying to keep it short. Be well, my friend. See you soon. Bye.

Calvin Correli.

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