How to generate loyal customers en masse



3 things we use on a daily basis


I don't know about you.

But me?

I can't get enough of this... (it's an email from Calvin's inbox):


Hi Calvin

Apologies for the direct email communication approach but wanted to ensure that credit is given where it belongs! We are yet to become a customer of simplero but we will be within a matter of weeks. The brilliant product you have was obviously a factor but what finally pulled us across was the customer service of Tracy Raftl!

Very fast replies, perfect explanations and straight to the point answers (without all the bla bla bla stuff when people dont really know the answer).

She deserves a medal! We love it! Hope you will pass on this message and if this is the standard of your customer service, simplero will go all the way!

Thank you and Tracy.

She closed a loyal customer.



That's amazing, and you know what.

You can use this in your own business.

If you want a bulletproof, suresafe easy peasy way to generate loyal customers (even from skeptics)..?

Just give them more than they expect.

And yes.

You can do that.

It's what we set out to do every day.

Do we ever fail?

Of course we do, we're only humans.

But we do 3 things, that ensure more success in the field, than failure at it...

  1. We prepare.

  2. We show up.

  3. And we do our best.

That's all there is to it.

And with that...

I wish you a grand day and happy life.

That is...

Until we meet again.



Morten Spindler
Community Manager at Simplero

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