Why some of us love "danish", and others hate it...


Recently a reader called me "the young man", and NO, I didn't take offense... (on the contrary – how could I be offended..?)

I just wanted to give you some context...

How so?

Well, if you are a... “young" man like me...

You may remember the movie »Tango and Cash« (from 1989).


It's from the time when Sylvester Stallone had a Danish girlfriend (Gitte Nielsen/Stallone), or rather...

The movie was made right after they broke up.

Anyway, in the movie there is a scene, where Stallone and Kurt Russel breaks out of prison and uses their belts to glide from the prisen to freedom via some electrical wires in the pouring rain. After the dramatic escape, they fall to the ground outside the prison, get up, and Russel asks Stallone this question with a grin...

Care for some breakfast?

I suspect that most people didn't get the joke, but Stallones answer just KILLED ME DEAD...

I mean, picture this:

Stallone in a T-shirt, soaking wet from a cold hard rain, tired and pissed, with his eyelids squeezed together as is if he wanted to impress the very Clint Eastwood, and then in his roughest, deepest, most incomprehensible voice, he muttered...

= = =

No, I hate danish.

= = =

I remember laughing out loud in the cinema and the feeling you get, when everyone is lookin’ at you like… you know… »Dude, what did you smoke?«

But here is why I bring it up.

In the beginning of time, most our customers were actually Danish, simply because our founder and CEO (Calvin) is from Denmark, and even today we have a large group of Danish users.

So if you’re one of them, you might want to join our all new, bright and shiny, official Danish Facebook group.

And if so?

Then here is the breakfast link:

Simplero brugere i DK (Den officielle)

(And by the way, no weed-smoking in the group).


Morten Spindler
Community Manager at Simplero


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