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Webinars and Simplero - Partners to Grow Your List

Going live. Hi, everybody. Welcome. Hopefully, you can see us now. Welcome to our webinar to talk about webinars, which is kind of fun.
My name is Beth, and I'm the head of the concierge team at Simplero. Do you wanna introduce yourself, Myrna?
Yeah. Hi. I'm Myrna. I'm from Denmark, and I used to work on the support team in Simplero a year ago for a couple of years, and I'm now running my own business doing host training courses, online courses, and live courses, and doing a lot of courses and set up of webinar stuff and Simplero stuff for for other entrepreneurs like you. So thanks for the
invite, Beth. Yeah. Well, thank you so much for coming. We really appreciate it. You always in my head, not only are you amazingly good at Simplero, but you also do webinars, and you figure out how to make it work as a system for you.
So I've got a lot of clients, and we know we have a lot of others. Some player users who have a lot of questions about how to do this whole webinar thing. So thank you so much for taking your time to explain it and kinda coach us through it. So we're gonna start off first by just talking in general about what is a webinar why would somebody want to do one? Yep.
Yeah. You wanna just start there? Yeah. Cool. Hang on.
should I told you. Before we get started really, I wanna show people at the bottom. There's a little box, a white box that says say something nice, and that's what's the chat that's generating on the right there. So if you wanna say hi, tell us where you're from, that would be great. But if you look to your left a little bit, there's a place where it says ask a question.
And if you have a question that you would like us to answer, if you could please click there and write your question there because it works better for the replay. I can explain more if you all care. But just basically put your questions there, and we'll answer them as we can. So alright. Thanks.
Go for it. What's a webinar? Why would I want to be one?
So this is a webinar. There's a lot of platforms out there. This one's called Crowdcast. I'm using usually using webinar jam. There's a lot of people using Zoom.
So, basically, a webinar is where you go live, either on webcam, Sami and better now, or you go screen share, or you show prerecorded videos. Or slides and stuff, but you talk to people. You either teach or sell or do a little bit of both. And What I like about webinars is that I can sit in Denmark in the middle of Foonen and reach out to people all over the globe And I can do it live. I have this I feel that I get this special connection.
When you can see me talk, Yeah. I can see you guys riding in the chat. Yeah. And there's, like, there's just something close to being in the same room about that. So so when I do webinars, I really like to emphasize on the webcam contact thing.
Yeah. A lot of people are a bit like, oh, but I look stupid on camera and stuff like that and a bit scared to go live on on webinars. But I really feel that it just makes so much for better connection with your attendees and it's an awesome way to to grow a list and invite people to a free webinar and show them what you're all about. Especially if you're working with something that require people's skills Mhmm. And most of us are.
There's, like, not much that doesn't require some sort of connection and and people skills. So that's what I I really feel that doing webinars where people can see me, they can hear me, they can kind of almost feel me. Is really, really good for for making connections with new new Calvin, potential clients or old clients. Mhmm. But to make people get to know me and get to know what I do and how I can help them.
So so that's like what I really like about about webinars.
Yeah. Absolutely. And you didn't use this exact word, but part of what I heard you say was it enables me to build trust with my Yeah. Data banks and potential audience so they start to do more. You're not just an email or a web page.
Like, you're a real person, and you're answering their question. So Yep. You earn trust and credibility. Yeah. Awesome.
Well, can you tell us a little bit about what you use webinars for in your business? Like, how do you
Yeah. I used them. I had, like, this 2 part business with the host training stuff, which kind of started it all the way back in I think I started doing host training bibinars in 2013. We were like two people in Denmark doing most training stuff online back then. Now that's, like, a civilian.
But it was like it was it was early movers, and the software was nowhere as sophisticated as it is now. But but it was to a way to reach out to people and a way to to reach out to people who I might not they might not be able to, like, gather twenty people at their writing club or stay able to have me come to a live Simplero, but then they could sign up for a webinar.
And it's I use it both to to to spread knowledge because I think I have something important to offer the world both in my horse training business and my tech business. Mhmm. And then to to get new potential clients Show them that especially if you're working with something physical like horse training or yoga or painting or whatever, people are a bit skeptic that Calvin learn that on an online course Mhmm? And then showing them doing a bibinar and showing them that, hey. Okay.
During this hour or however long it takes, I actually learned something. She made me feel that I understood things. I could ask question. And and that makes people trust your ability to teach them online. And then they they much easier to to actually sell an online course to lead on because they have kind of bought into the ID that well, maybe you don't need to stand next to them and hold their hand and show how to move the paintbrush around.
Yeah. So that's that's I think that's super effective to actually show people that, well, it's it's possible to learn in this way.
Yeah. That makes a lot of sense. Yep. So then are you using webinars as part of your funnel for bringing people into your the rest of your business. Like, it's part of it's one of their first points of contact with you.
Yeah. Yeah. I do that. I do that. I do free webinars where people sign up search just like a freebie.
Announce webinar, and and people can sign up. I announce it to my list, and I Mhmm.
do Facebook ads and stuff and get people in. So that's, like, old people who was already on my list and Mhmm. New contacts. So it's a great way to get them on the list. And to to make people get to know who I am and what kind of training and teaching I do.
And then I also do paid webinars where I use them for for live training for, like, either as part of my monthly subscription club, on host training, we have, like, a monthly live session, but they can ask question. And I talk about something, and I also do it with my a lot of my Simplero courses, I actually run live, doing screen cast, and then people can can watch it, then I sit down afterwards and clip up the recording so they don't have an hour of recording, but it's like 10 minutes of this and 10 minutes of that. Mhmm. So I do kind of an online live workshop.
That looks super great.
That's it. Okay. That's really helpful. Thank you. First, kind of, putting that in the bigger context.
We've got a question from someone who says that they make live q and a webinars in Zoom right now. So what is the difference between Zoom and Simplero? Calvin make it even simpler? So, yeah, let's talk for just a minute about the tech part of it, what software you use and how you use webinars with your Simplero own
account. Yep. Yep. So, basically, kind of almost the only thing Simplero you can't do is to webinars. You can't do this live streaming of video, whether it's your screen share or it's your webcam.
Simply you can't do that. I know Calvin looked into it at one point, but it's, like, opening
it's calm
at him. Yeah. Yeah. And there's a lot of services out there doing a great job about it, and people want different things. I for 1.
I love doing my webinars and webinar jam. It's I'm not much fan of the company itself because Right. It's a bit complicated, and they had some bugs and stuff, but I love the feel like it from I can see I might like broadcast as well. It gives me kind of the same feeling. Yeah.
I don't like so much for webinars. I love Zoom for q and a's where you can have your your clients on the web Sami and microphone. But for peer groups and especially for non tech groups, they get confused about are they on or Do you have to mute them and all that stuff as love? It's it's kind of high maintenance. I like webinar jam.
Better for that, for for larger groups. And that's basically all that Simplero doesn't do is this live thingy. Sometimes for the replay, I just have on webinar game. Actually, last time I did a webinar, I tried something new. I put the replay.
I downloaded the video and put it on a Simplero page. Mhmm. That people then gotta log in to. Mhmm. Because and I can't remember how this is a crowd cast.
Replace button webinar, then replace. You can't skip to another part of the webinar. It's like play, and then it's because it's pretending to be live. Uh-huh. And it's kind of a great feature, but it's also kind of annoying.
Mhmm. So depending on what you want to do, you could actually just take your replay and put it into Simplero, have a sales page with the replay video and your offer and everything, and and put that there. So I usually do that that I make my make a list in Simplero row. Make a sign up form. Connect that sign up form so people can actually sign up in simpler row to a list.
And then go on the webinar as well. Get bring register in both places. I'll show you that in a bit. And then I do my pre webinar mails that has the link to the live room and stuff, and usually do them from webinar game. But you could do them from Simplero as well.
And then I do all my follow a b follow-up emails. I usually do them, put them in an automation in Simpliero because it's super easy. If people buy, they get taken off the list. Or if they buy, they get the link to the replay because they kind of still kind of deserve to get delayed to replay if they have already bought something at Yeah. Live.
And then I can just segment. So if they have bought, they get this email for for the replay without all the selling stuff. And if they haven't bought, they get the other email.
So that's, like, super easy to control in Simplero. Mhmm. In webinar, James, you have all these advanced options to adjust the email space, and did they visit live, and did they how long did they stay for the replay and stuff like that? And if you want to use that, then you can connect with Zapier to get this information out and into player, but it's super complicated. Mhmm.
And it's not as far as I know, it's not optimally reliable. So then I would do if I wanted to do that, I would do my post webinar follow-up in webinar game.
And then have maybe have Zapier unsubscribed them from the webinar game list. From Simplero when they when they purchase or set up some tracking to register that. So, basically, Simplicio can do all the email stuff, the landing pages, the sign up form, depending on your webinar provider, what kind of sign up you need and then do the webinar. On your webinar platform and then do all the follow-up stuff in Simplero again. That's what I do.
It's it's work super great.
It does work. It does work really great. And I've seen it work very well for a lot of people. It's also a little confusing to wrap your brain around the first time. So why don't we go ahead and show people, what that actually looks like in in real life.
And, again, if you if anybody has questions, keep them coming, and then ask a question section, and we'll get to them when we can. So Yeah. Alrighty.
I'm going to German's English. Okay.
Yep. I see it. Looking.
Yep. I can see it. Perfect.
Okay. Yeah. Click to close message. Awesome. Good.
So what I have here is I made a list. I always do that that I make a separate list for each webinar Mhmm. Because it's so much easier to control who's actually subscribed. Who's unsubscribing during the the follow-up emails, and then I do and automation usually for the follow-up. And in that automation somewhere, and it kind of depends on the webinar and who I'm sending this webinar to.
There is a step to sign people up to my main list. Okay? And but it's usually not the first thing I do because Sami people will have signed up to the webinar, and then they will say, oh, well, no. That married woman, she's just not my cup of tea. Let me get off your list, and they will unsubscribe from the follow-up emails.
And then I don't want to have them hassle with unsubscribing from 2 lists. Sure. So so usually, it's not like the the last email, but it's like a a couple of mails down. I I put in a a a step to put them on my main list as well. Okay.
Before you keep going, I just wanna for folks who may be newer to Simplero, you might be wondering why we're not first looking at a sign up page. We're looking at a list. And the reason for that is that in Simplero, when you build it, it's always smart to start and build the list first, which means just you create the list. You make a place. For the sign up form to send the contacts to.
So first, you have a list, and then you create the sign up form that would add people to that list. So here we are on the list. Yeah. Sorry to interrupt. Keep going.
What do you Yeah. What do you wanna show them next?
Exit. Yeah. So we've made the list. Consider whether confirmation should be turned on for this list or not. I kind of tend to not turn it on for webinars, but it's kind of it depends on also what kind of advertising you do because if you have, like, the link all over the place, you might you're more at a risk of of bot signing up.
So then you might want to consider develop then. Okay? But it's like, usually for webinars, I don't do develop then.
And it's kind of my experience that people if they do it in Bibbonite game, there's no double up they need her, and And most of the systems, they don't have double up in on the web and us. I'm not
Right. That's the yeah. That's what I've seen too. Yeah.
Yeah. It's it's I'm kind of more doing it out of habit and out of conscious choice. So that's, like, pros and cons for both solutions. Okay. But consider it in Simplero or less, if you create a new list, it will default to double up then being turned on.
So if you don't want that, turn it off.
Then what we need is for this list, and that's, like, a series of membership sites and courses here. It's just real fast. So I went on the content for the list because here's where the magic happens. Yeah. Because what I would like to happen a couple of years back, I always made my sign up forms in webinar game.
They have, like, a limited selection of styles and choices, and they're a bit they're a bit too shiny and unpersonal to my liking. Mhmm. And then I figured out, well, I could do my sign up forms in Simplero, and then I could embed the sign up button. And that kind of help on conversion. Mhmm.
Then I figured out that I could actually get them on a list in Simplero as well. Because when people sign up on your webinar system, then you need to get the contact into Simplero. And there's not many systems that actually integrate with Simplero. Then you can use Zapier, but it's a bit like, then you have if you don't already use Zapier for, like, lead, like, lead ads or something like that. It's like, okay.
Then I have to pay another 20 bucks to Zapier each month. Right. To do my webinars.
And it just feels more complicated too. Yeah. Exactly.
So what I do is I actually make people sign up to a list in Simplero row. And then the thank you page sends them to webinar game and auto populates their name and their email So they just get subscribed in webinar game as soon as they're shown the thank you page.
Exactly how you did that. It's so fun. It's so fun.
Yeah. So what I do is I have this we have to for a list of product, you could also you can do this with if it's if it's a paid webinar, you can do this as well. Because then you just on the content for product, you have the same option to have a custom thank you page link. What I have here is just a sec. See, now we might actually be able to see what's going on.
Yeah. That's fine.
So what I have down here is I have this special one click registration link from webinar jam. And what you can see down here is we have, like, a first name and email fields. And we need Sami clearer to auto populate them. So we're using the Simplero syntax of I'm not sure what these are called in English.
I call them curly brackets. Curly brackets. Yeah.
I guess I think that's right. In Danish, they're called the Tupo plumber because we had this beer company called Tupo that has, like, an umbrella look on the logo or the old logo. That's shaped like that. Okay? And young people have no clue what that is because they don't have that go anymore.
But curly brackets. Yeah. The first name double curly bracket ends and so on for email as well. What I do, there's a really nice trick to this because Simplero has an integration if you're using this only works for webinar game. This one, I know this trick works for like stealth webinar and a lot of other of the the big email webinar providers, they have like this one click registration link where people just need to to to have the the first name and email field auto populated in the link.
So you can do this, but this for many providers. What I like to do is I have an integration set up with the webinar game. You find that in the settings and then integrations that's like this sniff the little webinarTM integration. And What you then do when you have the integration is instead of having to go to webinar game and find this link and then edit it so it has the right curly bracket first name stuff, You go ahead and say, this is just this is the the thank you page. And I'm just doing it here because It's a text editor in Simplero.
I can do this in any text editor in Simpler. But it's just giving my me the link without me having to wait for it. So I go down here and insert and I say I want the webinar jam 2017 auto registration link. I click it. I Hit my webinar.
I say insert link. And then you can see it puts in this link, and then I can go here to link editor. And I can get my URL. And in this URL, it has automatically put in Mhmm. The first name and email with the right Simplero syntax.
It's so fun.
So I take this one, duplicate it. I have to There we go. Duplicated? Mhmm. Click cancel.
I was on the wrong screen there. So and then I go down here. Mhmm. And I put in my link in the custom you have successfully subscribed page. Then I delete this one because I'm not using that.
Mhmm. And then I click save. That's great. So what this does is it takes people when they have signed up for the list, then they get this thank you page, which is effectively on webinar jam and which automatically sign them up or on webinar jam. So they can get the pre webinar emails from webinar jam and they are also on the Simplero list.
And I found that people find it very reassuring to sign up for the list and be taken directly to the webinar Sami page. So so there it's like, okay. It worked. I'm signed up.
Yeah. Yeah.
Exactly. All the information I need. It's very comforting for them. So it is works for them, and it is serving 2 purposes for you, and that it signs them up to your Simplero OS, and it's sends them up for the webinar itself. So and I know it looks a little intimidating.
I've put a link to a guide that walks you through exactly how to do this. Yep. It's really easy once you've done it once. Like, it's it's a lot to get your brain around at first. But once run it once, you'll be amazed at how easy it is, and you can just keep doing it.
So yeah.
So that's and thanks, Hen. Yeah. So it's it's super easy, and then I can control here. I usually have a trigger here when people subscribe to start the follow-up sequence, and it's done basically an automation with the emails they should get that wait until if it's an evening webinar, then maybe it waits until 8 o'clock next morning if it's a noon. A daytime webinar, it will wait until sometime in the afternoon, and then it will send the first email with the link to the replay from Simplero a row.
So I have all the follow-up stuff going on in Simplero. Got it. Yeah.
I have seen people as well download or, you know, export from webinar Sami or whatever their provider Yep. Is the list of who attended and who didn't. And then you can import, you know, this, but for everybody, you can import that list into your Simplero account and have it tagged people as attended, left early, didn't attend, whatever that is. And then you can use those tags to customize the follow-up emails that you sent recently. It's a little bit more work and that you have to download and upload a list to be sure that it's accurate.
But it gives you a high degree of customization that you can then do.
Exactly. And you can actually even though they have already signed up to this list, you can actually add them to the same list so they don't end up in your system twice. You can just Simplero the CSV file here. Yeah. And then you just have to check the option to say update people who are already in your system.
Yep. And then use the attend did not attend as as text, and then you can consegment from there. That's super cool.
It is. Awesome. Okay. So if somebody asked a question about in that automation, how do you handle GDPR when you add them to your main list following the webinar? So are you do you ask for GDPR consent when they first sign up to your webinar?
Yeah. Yeah. They actually do because I put that on my list. So what I have here is a list, a sign up form for webinar. Mhmm.
It's in Danish, but I'll okay. You'll get the idea. So what I have down here is because I have GDPR turned on for that list. Mhmm. So what I have down here is my yes, please.
I would like to be signed up for news and offers. Button. And I write quite quite clearly. Actually, not on this one. This is actually an old sign up form.
Uh-huh. Because I figured out that if I bright quite clearly on the sign up form that they have to remember to check a yes, please checkbox. People actually do it. Because what happens if if they don't do it is they actually still get subscribed because that's the way Simplero handle they don't get Right? But they get to the thank you page.
Right. So they actually get subscribed in webinar jam, but they don't get subscribed in Simplero. Right. So they get the prebbinamales, but they don't get the postbbinamales. Mhmm.
If they don't take this one,
which is good from a GDPR update. Yeah. You have to deliver the thing, but you can't Yeah. Exactly. Not so good from your marketing perspective.
Exactly. So so what I do is I I stated quite clearly on the sign of form that they have to remember to click the yes please button or the yes please checkbox to get the replay link. Right. Because that is effectively what happens. So what I have here is just a total standard sign up form Mhmm.
It's still a full landing page with whatever you want to put in there. Everything here is Simplero or this this sign up form doesn't know it connects to webinar jam. So there's, like, no code from webinar jam or anything fancy. You just have to put all the info here that people need, and then they sign up. And everything happens automatically after that.
They go end up on the webinar game, thank you, Paige, and then they're good to go. What you have to know is that if you have webinar with more than one date. You have to end your link here. Forgot that. Here, when I picked my my auto registration link.
Yeah. Yeah. Positioning all the way down here. So when I pick my auto registration link, if this was a webinar with more than 1 hour. I only have this one set up right now.
Uh-huh. And it only has one date. But what would happen If I had a webinar that was set up with more than one date, would be that there would be 2 links. What I do then is that I use the I did this for Calvin the other day, and we just did instead of having, like, 2 sign up forms, on the page, then we used the section with the 2 step sign up.
So the first Then we just had 2 of these. Then the button here Sami Thursday, November 1st, 10 o'clock.
And then the and it had it signed up to one list that under concert had the Mhmm. Registration link for the first webinar, and then we have another button with the next date that signed them up to another list with the other link, and it's like When you have these links, it's only like something about a 0 or a one at the end. That makes the change. But but it's really important to be aware of when you're doing multiple instances of the same webinar.
That is so clever. I love it.
I was a bit like, what I found my birthday. You know, it's fine. You know, when you would pick you out. Okay? You'll be like, I had this client that you're saying, like, hey.
Can you set up this webinar and sign them up and some parents stuff? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Super.
We'll do that. And then I was like, oh, Baka, she has 2 dates. What can we do? But we figured it out. I haven't tested how this if this can work with ever, baby now.
Because then you have, like, a ton of dates and how that entire cycle of new upcoming date works. I I haven't tested that, then you can do go with them in bit form or something like that instead. Yeah. But then you have to take them from a webinar via Zapier into Simplero row.
Yeah. Yes. Perfect.
One thing. Yeah. No. Go ahead. If you send an invitation to your existing links, by broadcast or automation or whatever from Sami Pliro.
You have to remember because then you can also use this auto registration link. Only problem is that that will not take them to that will sign them up webinar again, but that will not sign them up to the Simplero list. So you need to put a trigger on that link in the email to actually when it's clicked, also sign them up and simply route to the webinar list.
Would you like me to show that, or would you like to?
Did you show the I I I can do that. We yes.
I I don't know. We can do the podcast.
Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Can grow
up. Yeah. Because some people will know how to do that. But for some people, that's a brand new fun trick. Yeah.
It's worth learning.
Yeah. That's a cool trick. We like that wheelchair. It is. And it's best to remember to do that.
Before you sent the email because when ten people have already clicked the link, it's kind of annoying to have to put them on the list manually. So We can put in people's first name and stuff, and then we just put in the webinar campaign. Inset the link, save the email, Here it goes. And then I have the link down here, and that's like this nice little pencil icon next to it. And I can also use this.
This is also where I would make an expiring link if I send an if this was a post webinar email and I say this offers only Mhmm. Good for, like, 24 hours after get this email, I could set this link to expire. If it's, like, send people to a secret price, I could just say, they go to the normal order form after 24 hours. Mhmm. So what what I'm doing here is I'm going to put a trigger.
So when they click the webinar registration link, I'm going to subscribe them to a list. And I'm just going to find whatever webinar we were doing like this one. And since I haven't put any auto responses on this list, I'm just going to not check any of these. But I could consider whether I would want that or not. But usually, I would just have it behave as it would for any other webinar subscriber.
Mhmm. That's it.
The hardest part about that is finding that little edit pencil that you should have earlier. Once you've clicked it, it's really straightforward, you just set up a trigger like you would any place else in Simplero. The fire
and automatic actions too badly. And then you just pick your recipients and send the email. Yep. Excellent.
If folks have more questions, that would be a great time to ask them. We've got one more. Do you wanna stop sharing your screen? Just Yeah. I go.
So that we Calvin people can see our faces a little more easily. And we do one other question.
From Judah, it should be yeah. Yay. We're back. Yay. We're back.
We're back.
Who says my target audience, my customers are seniors, 65 plus. Do we have any experience with webinars for seniors, will they attend? Which is a great question. And I don't personally have any experience. With that, most of the that I know who are doing webinars to build their list are not specifically targeting seniors.
I've got people targeting business owners. Targeting yoga teachers, targeting some kind of quite the right word. But you know what I mean? Yeah. Yeah.
What about you? Do you have any thoughts?
Yeah. I have I I I do get a few because I have these confident on on horseback or get back in the saddle webinars for people who have got scared of riding, and I I do attract some seniors for those courses and for the webinars, but it's in in generally, I I don't get that many 65 plus attendees, and I know there are some who are just as much online as as younger people, and then there are some that are definitely not online. So so I think it's but but it's also kind of launching a webinar is kind of depending on the the platform and the investment you have to make in the platform. Actually, if you write to the webinar game, it's it's like, if you're a bit slow signing up. They might give you offer you a a free trial period.
So it's kind of like, don't sign up at once. Skip them your email and wait a bit. Because it's it's like you have to put down the payment for a year. And even if you can get monthly rates, it's still you have to sign up for a year. Sami of the other platforms, you can you can sign up monthly.
Actually, you you made a list of webinars. I like click webinars as well. Okay. And they have monthly payments, so you can actually and then it's pretty simple to work with, and it works great Mhmm. They are when you when you have many attendees, they they get as expensive as webinar Sami, but but for starting up, it's it's kind of easy.
And what what you can do is you can just try. You can set up with something like click webinar or Zoom that is I would probably prefer click webinar because people like webinar Sami and like crowd cast, people don't have to install anything. Mhmm. And that's kind of the less techie your attendees are, the less installing involved. The better.
Mhmm. So platforms like Zoom where they have to install the program is not super cool if people aren't very taking. Or if they are on corporate PCs where they don't have any admin rights. Right? So that's, like, 2 completed different segments but the same problem.
Yeah. So so I would go ahead go ahead and try. Mhmm. See, if you can make if you if you can find them, if they're on Facebook or if they're on somewhere else online where you can reach out to these people, try and invite them to a webinar. Mhmm.
And see what happens because it's kind of it's it's really low risk to host a webinar, and then okay. So, like, four people signed up and one people one person signed showed up live. Okay.
I need to readjust. Mhmm. I've been I've been sitting there starting my way behind. It was like, okay. Serial people live.
Okay. I'll just go ahead because someone might be watching the replay. Right. But that's like it's a learning experience. Mhmm.
You you have it it can be a bumpy road, but it's awesome. So it's great fun. And it's good to to
say that it takes some practice. It takes some repeating it. Like, you you get more comfortable with it, the more you do it, and the more people will come, the more you do it. So it's not like an instance action of of those things that it's part of your toolbox for for building
the list. Exactly.
And you will always have more people sign up then come to the actual webinar in person. So that replay is really important, like you said, before.
It's super important, and you have to find you have to find a webinar provider that that gives you a replay you like.
Mhmm. And
and one of the thing and I think crowd crowd cast the super got good with having the the chat in the replay as well because it's really annoying. I had real problems back in in 2013 when I wanted to find a good webinar provider to find someone who actually gave me the chat in the recording. It was like, oh, and then you can record. And so I was like, recording on my really, really lousy Internet connection. Recording the screen the touchscreen, while I ran the webinar, and then I could put that up because I couldn't get the chat in anywhere else.
And then I found finally found quick webinar that actually did it, and then they launched webinar game, and then it did it as well. And that's one of the things that webinar game is doing doing really well. Because some of these other services, then I had, like, a 3 month trial of some so I think they they they don't exist anymore. And then I was like, yeah. And then I get online recording and stuff, and that's super Calvin.
Until I figure it out, there's no chat. It's it's just the page in the middle of the screen. And I just saw I can't remember what platform it was, but one of the new ones where I had went to check out replay to to see not to see the webinar, but to see check out the platform. And it was just, like, every year in the middle of the screen, no channel. I was like, That's all that's where all the interactions.
And then
yes. Good. Well, I think we're gonna wrap up here soon unless anybody has any more questions. I feel like we've covered the the key things that we wanted to cover. The the last thing I wanted to add, and I think we didn't mention in your automation, one of the things that is really important to do is if you're promoting in that automation, if you're promoting the sale of one of your products, just making sure that your automation is stopped when somebody buys that product.
Yep. Yep. So we don't continue to sell to somebody who's already recognizing. So that's there are things that's so fun about doing it in Simplero is that that's so easy to do. So that your your follow ups go only to the people you haven't purchased the thing that you are selling.
Yeah. So I'm actually oh, go ahead. I was gonna ask a question, but you go ahead and do whatever you wanna say next. Yeah.
You can also for further segmentation or for, like, finding hot leads, you can when you have your sales offer in your emails and you have the link, to the sales offer, you can put a trigger on the sales offer and put a tag on those who click the links. Mhmm. Because then you can see say like, oh, he clicked the link. But he didn't purchase. He can get an extra few emails because he's, like, almost there.
Mhmm. So so the people that adjust that for the replay. They don't get all the emails. But the people who who click the link, they get a couple of extra emails to say, like, come on. You need this.
Yeah. That's really good idea. Yeah. 2 more questions came in. So, yeah, if anybody has any more analysis time to to send them, Michelle says I have new sales or service options often.
Is there a set product listing option available, or can you add and delete products easily? Oh, okay. So, yeah, it's very easy to add and delete products, Michelle. Like, super, super easy. You can just, like, once you get the hang of it in 2 or 3 minutes, you can create a a product offering, like a a way to collect money in Simplero for the thing that you're selling.
And then be able to link to that thing so that people can purchase it. So that in your automation sequence, if you're selling a different thing at different times, it's easy to go in and say, yes. Let's change it now so that we're selling something different and we're stopping it when somebody buys it. If you have any questions about actually how to to do that, would you email me, Michelle? I'm
I'd be happy to write you back with, like, a little video to show you exactly how to to do that.
Yeah. It's it's really I I love using Simplero for this stuff. It's like So easy. So so that's super cool.
Yes. That's my email address. Thanks for typing it out. And Simplero, Vicky asks, how can I get in touch with Mara in DK? Yeah.
Who'd like me to share or you wanna check your email address or however you need to share your web address.
My email address in here. All lookup on Facebook. Oh,
there we go.
I'm doing a I'm considering doing a a course on on this soon. So if anybody interested, please send me an email then
That's great.
Put you on the waitlist. Excellent. Because it's like it's a lot of fun. And that's a lot. I see people doing this so complicated.
And stumbling a lot on the way because there's many steps and things. And and if you simplify stuff, it's it's it doesn't have to be complicated, and it's like then there's the error rate gets a lot lower.
Yeah. And then remember remember, do a test 1 with if if it I haven't done webinars before. I just this is my first podcast webinar. I haven't used podcasts before. But I'm a bit like, yeah.
Well, been there done that I can figure out the software. So I only have, like, a few things where I had to think a bit too much before clicking something. But but please do a couple of test runs. Have some friends and buy some friends to a real webinar and and and set it up and do a test because it's like, It's not the integration with Simplero. That's the difficult part.
It's it's clicking buttons while being aware of you being live on camera. But that's the hot pot.
Awesome. Yes. And with everything, once you've done it, once you feel more confident about it, so it's easier, and it becomes more natural. For you to connect with
Yeah. People are people are people are quite forgiving. If you Simplero with the tick and stuff like that. They they tend to be very forgiving for for tick issues. That's not but test it out first.
I've I've seen some incidents where I was a bit like, oh, but if you tried this software before, it might have been better.
Yes. Good. Well, thank you so much for taking your time and sharing your experience and your for teas. We really, really, really appreciate it.
So thanks for inviting me. It's been super fun.
It has been fun.
My everybody has any questions feel free to email me. Yeah. I'll I'll say, you know, if it's too much of
a good. Yes. And me too. Please don't hesitate to email with any questions. And if you wanna see the replay or share it with a friend, it'll be right here at the same link as soon as it processes in the background.
So thanks to everybody for coming. We appreciate you coming and let us know if you've got any questions we can answer. Alright? Bye, everybody. See you next time.