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How to Turn Free Group Members into Paying Customers

What if your free Facebook group brought in $1,800 a month in revenue?

Think about that for a second.

$1,800 a month.

For some of you, that would be life-changing.

It means finally quitting that job you hate.

Taking your family on an amazing vacation.

Saving for college or a house payment.

At the very least, it's a viable passive revenue stream.

But is something like that even possible?

How do you make money from a free Facebook group?

That's exactly what Simplero user Shane Nicholas does and he told us all about it in this interview.

In his first 5 months using Simplero, he brought in over $9,000 in revenue using a free Facebook group and a Simplero membership site.

One site.

One product.

Five months.

Nine grand.