Engineer Role

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Role Description

You'll be joining of 6-7 engineers, all top quality people who are self-managed, and who write quality, maintainable code quickly.

All engineers report directly to me, and I'm busy running the whole company, not just product and engineering, which means every person on the engineering team needs to show good judgment and be able to pull their weight.

Our team is distributed across the globe, so people don't keep the same hours.

You'll start each day with a check-in in Slack saying what you plan on working on that day, and anything you're blocked on.

Sometimes you'll have a big, multi-week project you're working on, and at other times you'll just be picking up tasks from Linear. Yeah, we don't use JIRA. JIRA sucks. Nobody likes it. Linear is awesome, and we all love it.

You commit stuff to a pull request in Github and request a review. It's your responsibility to shepherd your contribution across the finish line to deployment. Code doesn't have value until a customer uses it. No brownie points for code that's just sitting in Github.

We deploy multiple times per day. We're super agile. Check our public changelog.

You'll have a 1:1 with me every other week, sometimes once/month, depending on my schedule. And I'll often times review your code as well, and work with you on specific features. I still spend time writing code some days.

We don't have a lot of social engagement, but I'm not opposed to it, so if it's something people want, I'm game. It's just that with our current team, they're happy to be working on stuff. We're very supporting and collaborative and helpful of each other, though.

We also have a couple great product designers and a QA person to help assist.

I'm the functioning product manager, product owner, product leader, and product visionary, all in one.

If this sounds like an environment you could thrive in, let me know by sending us your application:.

How to Apply

Send an email to
with subject line
"Superhero poised to change the world - [Your name]"
(without the [brackets])

In your email, please include the following...
...following instructions carefully
...being BRIEF order

1. What attracted you to this position

2. A link to a piece of software you've created on your own.
Hobby projects or side projects are great.

3. What programming accomplishment you're most proud of

4. Links to your Github profile and personal website

5. Your resume ATTACHED in PDF format

I look forward to hearing from you,
Founder & CEO of Simplero