Works all over the planet

Wherever you are, wherever your customers are, we've got you covered!

A great uptime record

We have a very strong uptime record, and we protect it fiercely.

We understand that Simplero is your livelihood. The money you're making through Simplero likely supports you and your family and perhaps a team of people around you. We're very well aware of the responsibility, and we take it very seriously.

We strive to keep Simplero online and functional always, without exceptions, so you can rest well, knowing that you're making money while you sleep.

And when things happen, we work hard to keep you informed and be completely straight with you about it. Check our live status page.

Content delivery network

We've integrated with two of the world's leading Content Distribution Networks, Fastly, and Amazon CloudFront, to deliver your audio and video content to your customers screaming fast, no matter where in the world they are.

Our Content Distribution Network has servers all over the world, and is included with all plans, at no extra charge.

And we have yet to experience anyone bumping into our very generous bandwidth allowances.

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Streaming videos and audio

Your customers can choose to stream their audio or video, or download, as they choose (if you let them).

That way, they can start listening or watching right away without having to wait for a download to finish, or they can download and take it with them.

This is all handled automatically, all of the time, regardless of whether the audio or video is a freebie, a product, in a member site, or in an email.

We even generate an audio-only version of all your videos, so people can easily take your valuable information with them when jogging or commuting.

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Feature illustration
Feature illustration

Use any currency

Simplero will charge in any currency you choose, so that no matter where you are in the world, you can use your local currency.

And, of course, we make sure all the accounting is always accurate given the currency you've chosen to use.

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We get EU VAT

We're originally out of the EU, so we understand the complexities of EU VAT, and have implemented the logic into the software, so you will be charging the correct VAT for the situation. And as the rules change, we stay on top of them.

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