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The Maverick’s Guide to Launching Your Course to The People Who Need It Most


Written by Calvin Correli
CEO, Simplero — The All-in-One Course Platform for Coaches & Entrepreneurs

Want to finally go digital with your teachings, but stuck making your first course?

This might be something you've always longed to do. Or maybe you've got some motivation due to the times.

But for some people...

The idea of *actually* launching that course is so overwhelming... it feels like there's always something holding you back.

Well, my friend...

I wrote this new book specifically for YOU.

Show Up And Serve will guide you step-by-step through launching, creating, and selling your course for the first time. You'll see how the entire, proven launch plan will work, including:

  • The multimillion dollar secret to getting off the fence and making a decision - Page 13
  • How to turn your fear and resistance of launching your own course into excitement and motivation - (This basic mental exercise can clear every obstacle and ensure your success.) - Page 24
  • Why creating your course before you sell it is a horrible idea and will cost you time, money and customers - Page 22
  • Why perfectionism is your worst enemy and how to overcome it - Page 19
  • The single easiest way to build an email list, fast, so you have an eager audience ready to buy your course - (Hint: It can be done with a single email to the right person.) - Page 42
  • How to let the criticism of haters and skeptics roll off your back like a duck repels water - Page 20
  • How to identify your subject expertise and the perfect audience to teach to - Page 36
  • A simple way to attract the people who not only need your course, but will pay good money for it - Page 46
  • Why email is still the best way to communicate with potential customers and the exact emails you need to send to get them to buy - Page 53
  • How to deliver exactly what your customers want, while still giving them what they need to succeed - Page 60
  • The simple psychological reason you should charge more for your course and why doing so will prove its value to your customers - (It may seem counterintuitive, but it's been proven to work in numerous studies.) - Page 65
  • And so much more...

“I've been asking myself, "Who am I to teach a course?" but this book woke me up. Now I'm facing my fears and finding excitement in it.”

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Practical Advice
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Based on 10+ years experience
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Lifetime guarantee

This is the book I wish I had when I was starting out.

It covers everything, from how to fight your own inner demons that hold you back from success, to what to do once you've achieved that success and how to keep everything moving forward.

Here's a big secret no one wants to admit...

Launching a course is not rocket science!

It does take hard work, courage and discipline.

Fortunately, those are a lot easier to master than you think.

Here's what you don't need to launch your course: 

  • Paid ads...
  • An email list of your own...
  • The complete plan of exactly what you'll teach...
  • Hundreds of blog posts that generate tons of organic traffic...
  • Absolute authority and expertise in your subject matter.

I should know...

Not only have I launched my own courses, I've spent the last 10 years working closely with thousands of online entrepreneurs who have done exactly what you want to do; make their living by serving others who want to learn what they know.

I've helped my customers with thousands of course launches.

I've seen all of the potential pitfalls and traps that can keep you from achieving your dreams. (I've even fallen into a few myself.)

I will help you avoid these traps so you can launch your course, serve your customers and win big.

That's what this book is all about.

Giving you a clear, direct path from a vague idea you've been tossing around for a while to people signed up for your course, excited and ready to learn, who have paid you to learn what you know.

No crazy theories, no unrealistic expectations.

Just real, honest, hard-won insights in a book that is yours for just $7...


“Strikes a good balance between practical tips and a down-to-earth "just get going" attitude. Highly motivational.”


Launch Your First Course by Following These Three Easy Steps

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Everything you need to know to launch is in this short, 81 page book.

Launch Your Course

Follow the instructions in the book and become a Course Launcher (that actually makes money)!

About the Author

Calvin Correlli

Founder & Chief Maverick of Simplero

10 years ago, Calvin was a broke and frustrated software developer and coach. Then he discovered the life-changing power of online courses.

Now, he owns and runs a multi-million dollar software company that helps entrepreneurs create, launch and serve students by teaching online courses.

Discover Calvin's story and get his step-by-step guide to launching your course the right way. Like Calvin, you can harness the power of courses to run your own business and serve those who want the knowledge you have.


Lifetime Money Back Guarantee

That's right, for life.

This book is real deal. If you're not satisfied, we'll make it right.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Take the risk and get Show Up and Serve today.
(except there literally isn't any risk because of this money back guarantee, so why in the world wouldn't you buy the book?)

Obliterate the roadblocks that are holding you back and start serving the people who need your help!

Buy this book right now and launch your very first course in as little as two weeks.

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