The designer (you?) who took us from good to freakin’ great

Look, we have—hands down—created the best platform in the world for people who want to manage and market their entire business in one online software.

So we’re not asking you to come fix any problems in that field.

Not one bit.

But what we ARE asking is this:

Please help us make our user interface as GREAT as our software engine, because frankly… we’re not designers, we’re developers, and you know how it is… We are quite skilled at building rock solid software that works 24/7/365… But we’re just not kings when it comes to design.

Of course we know our Edward R. Tufte (like you do), but it’s not in our genes to think and create design, and that’s a darn shame, because whoa, our platform would rock (even more) if we were able to streamline the user interface and make it as snappy as the V8 humming under the hood. And I’m not talking about »pretty« design, but »better« design, interaction design, visual clarity that helps our customers be more productive (and have more fun).

Anyway, what’s the problem?

We found you.

And I’m guessing I don’t have to tell you what HTML and CSS is—because you already worked with graphic design for the big and scary web… (right?).

So, this is where I ask you kindly to drop us a line, because hey, we’ve missed you a long time, we’re itching to get started (and so are you, judging from your slightly accelerated heartbeat… no, that’s fine: we love enthusiasm, in fact; we wouldn’t want to be without it).


Here's the fancy link, my friend.

See you soon on the other side!

–Calvin Correli
CEO and founder of

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