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Nick Bruun

Introducing Membership Sites

One of the things we've had requested the most in the last long while has been a design update to Spaces – the Simplero member sites as you know them right now. When we launched the Simplero Site in the beginning of the year, we promised that the next big thing we'd get to work on would be just that: bringing member sites in Simplero on par with the modern design of your Simplero site and what your customers generally have come to expect from an online business.

We had a number of ideas and requests that we knew would make member sites a lot stronger and a lot easier to work with. So, as we dug in to the work on reviving Spaces, it became obvious that the right path to go down was to take all our learnings and apply them anew to build a much stronger member site component of Simplero. Today marks the culmination of over a year's work, as we are beyond excited to announce the successor to Space: Membership sites.

Membership sites are built on the same platform as the Simplero sites, and thus offer a brand-consistent, modern and – dare I say – gorgeous look for your member sites, with the advanced page editor built right in as you're used to from your main site.

Just like you're used to with Spaces, Membership sites also feature not only a blog but also a forum and member directory. The big difference is, that Membership sites are built around the concept of a far more structured approach to the member site than Spaces, which makes a lot of exciting new things possible. The big part of this is that member sites now feature Courses with a structured curriculum and support for quizzes as part of the lesson plan.

There are so many things to show and tell about Membership sites, that we decided to do a (not so brief) video introduction of some of the more exciting parts of the new Membership sites:

Introducing Membership Sites

As for Spaces, you can keep using them just as you do today, and we'll keep them around for those who are already using them – we promise. There are still a lot of things we want to add to Membership sites, so if you feel like you're missing something, feel free to put in your requests for features – chances are, it's already on our list.

We are genuinely super excited to launch this new part of Simplero, and we truly cannot wait to see what you all build with it. You'll find Membership sites under Content in your administrative interface for you Simplero account, and you can learn a lot more about the specific of the new membership sites in our help section.

Sherrie Williams

New Feature: Countdown timer and Expiring Landing Pages

Want to create a sense of urgency when selling your Simplero products? Or maybe you just don’t want your simplero sales page available for viewing open endedly but don’t want to delete the page from your account. Simplero has heard your desire and has answered the call with 2 new features! Landing page expiration and a countdown timer.


Now through the advanced settings when creating or editing a landing page you have the option to set a date for your page to expire, or to immediately expire a currently available landing page. With that comes the option to redirect your viewers. Sale for your product over? Then redirect the to an opt-in for an interest list when sales open again.


In the same advanced settings you will see the option to add a countdown timer to your page that will countdown to the time your page is set to expire. This is a great way to let possible buyers know how long they have to decide, reminding them that sales aren’t open forever and they should act now.

Check out our guide for step by step walk through.

Calvin Correli

New Feature: Require Documentation (eg. W-9) from Affiliates

Some countries require that you have certain documentation from your affiliates in order for you to pay out affiliate commissions without risking being on the hook for any taxes due on that commission.

In order to make that as easy as possible on everybody, Simplero now has a new feature that handles all of that for you. You tell your affiliates what you need, and Simplero will ask for it. All you need to do is review it, and click to either approve or request that they do it over.

Once it's approved, payouts can happen as normal.

We separate the regular affiliate approval from documentation approval, so that your affiliates can be linking and tracking, even while the paperwork gets sorted.

To start using this, go to Marketing > Affiliates and set up an affiliate program, or make changes to an existing one. It's a new setting for the affiliate program, which lets you choose to require documentation, optionally have that documentation only be required from affiliates in your own country, and then you can just write whatever information is required for that documentation in a big old text field.


Nick Bruun

New Feature: Themed Site

Until now, your public site for your Simplero account has been a simple catalog of your products. If you wanted a site with more content on it, you'd have to have a separate site hosted on for example WordPress.

Today, we're changing that by introducing a major update to your public site, and one that we're very, very excited about. Instead of just being a catalog, it is now a full featured website including a blog and pages that you can control the content of, sporting a brand new design to boot:


For those of you impatient to get started, you can find the administrative interface for the new site in the menu on the left hand side of the administration panel for your Simplero account:



The new public site is built around a new concept in Simplero: themes. Themes give you a lot more flexibility in what you can customize about the look and feel of your site. Not only that, but you can browse around your site while adjusting how things look in the new theme customizer – pretty neat, right?


For now, the adjustments you can make are limited to the options available in the theme customization interface. Once any little problems that might appear have been ironed out, we're going to open up for you to edit all of the HTML, CSS and JavaScript that powers the theme, so you can truly make it your own.

We're starting out with one simple theme, Simple, which has a clean, modern design, that works well on anything from the largest screen all the way down to tablets and phones.

In the future, we'll be adding more themes for you to choose from. We're still on the lookout for great designers to take a crack at designing a site, so if you've worked with any, please send your recommendations our way.


Even better than just being able to customize the look and feel of your site, you can now build your site with beautiful, flexible pages in any structure you want. Just like when customizing your theme, you can see what your site will look like as you're editing it, and you can type your text directly on the page as you do so:


Each page is made up of a number of different sections, each allowing for different types of content. In other words, a page doesn't just have to be plain text. Instead, you can add content like an FAQ, your Instagram feed, a cherry picked list of products you want to feature, or maybe beautiful looking testimonials:


However, your site is not limited to only pages. You can build the navigation structure of your site exactly as you want it, including direct links to products and other sites:



As mentioned, the new public site also includes a blog, so you can now use your Simplero site to publish your news and writing. One cool thing is that you can use all your media files on your blog as well, so you no longer have to upload your content in multiple places:


Start using the new themed site

We know that major changes take some preparation, so while the themed site is available for everyone today, you have to manually make the switch from using the old public site to the new public site. Simply click on Site in the menu bar in the administration panel for your Simplero account, and you will be shown this notice:


We strongly recommend that you preview the new site first by clicking the "Preview themed site" button to make sure that everything is as you want it to be, before you make the switch.

Share your thoughts

We're super excited about this addition to Simplero, and we can't wait to see what you build with it! Over the coming weeks, we're going to be tweaking the design and adding more options to the new sites. As always, we're here to help answer any questions you may have, and we welcome all your feedback and suggestions for the new themed site.

Nick Bruun

New Checkout Flow and Account Center

Last week we announced that some pretty major design updates to Simplero were coming your way. We've been hard at work making it all come together, and today we're super excited to release the first in a series of those steps:

Simplero has gotten a new checkout flow and account center:


Actually, there are a lot of other little pages that have gotten an update, like the login screen, payment handling for purchases and so on. You'll notice that the design is quite a departure from what you're used to. The reason for this is, that we're working to make it possible for you to fully customize as much of Simplero as is practically possible.

However, some pages, like the checkout flow and the account center, are simply too complex to make fully customizable while also simultaneously allowing us to add new features to them without worrying about breaking something.

Instead our focus was on making these pages a lot less heavy and a lot less branded, with the primary focus being on the content, and not the chrome around it, so it doesn't distract from your own branding as we move forward on making Simplero more your own.

So, without further ado, why not head over and check out what your account center and your checkout flows look like now? We're super excited to finally release this update, so please do share your feedback with us!

P.S. If you want to make sure your products look great in the new design, do check out the announcement from last week for more details. We're also still working out a few little details here and there, so do expect to see things change somewhat over the next bit of time, although nothing as dramatic as this.

Nick Bruun

The First Step towards a Fully Customizable Simplero

Those of you who have been following along in the newsletter and on Facebook will have noticed that we've been dripping little design teasers here and there without a whole lot of context for it. The suspense is now over, and we're super excited to tell you about what we've been cooking up for the last little while.

The long and short of it is, that Simplero is going to be fully themeable in the near future.

Yep, you got that right. The design of how your Simplero shop and your spaces look and feel is going to be fully customizable. We're going to be introducing themes and make it super easy to make your site and content look exactly how you want it, giving you the full power of even being able to edit the HTML and CSS for everything.

But, some parts of Simplero are rather complex. A few good examples are the subscription management page and the checkout form. To avoid the nightmare of everyone having to update their themes every time something changes or gets added to Simplero, we've therefore decided to make these more complicated pages an exception to the new themeable Simplero. Instead, we're giving all of these pages a complete refresh in design and making them super clean and modern in their looks without a tonne of branding, so it doesn't clash with the rest of your identity and branding.

Now, this is going to be quite a change from the look and feel of Simplero that you're used to, but we trust that you're gonna love it. Especially, because it comes with the added bonus, that all these pages will now work flawlessly on smaller screens and mobile devices as well, which will have a significant impact on mobile conversions.

So, the first step to the look and feel of Simplero being all in your hands, is a complete redesign of these sections. I've shot a brief-ish video to tell you a little more about it all and show you what it's going to look like, and what you should be aware of:

Expect to see the new checkout and related design changes within the next few weeks – we're really excited to get it into the hands of you all!

Merete Stenner

New Feature: Revenue forecast

Today we've added a simple forecast feature to your purchases, where we tally up all the upcoming installments and subscription renewals and give you an indication, of what the next 12 months look like. Now, we can't predict the future no more than anyone else, so the numbers are based on the assumption that subscriptions keep renewing, so take the numbers for what they are: a forecast. Nevertheless, we hope it provides you with some useful insights.

You can find the new forecast by going to your purchases in the admin interface and clicking the "Forecast" button in the upper right hand corner:

The forecast will show you the estimated revenue per month, including the revenue for the current month that has not yet been charged. You can also click to see the individual estimated charges for a given month:

We hope this feature will come in handy when doing your budget planning for 2017.

Merete Stenner

New Feature: Subscription to news list for individual products

On popular demand, we have now now implemented the ability to choose what news list people will be signed on to, when buying a product from you.

Now you can choose, which list the customer gets signed up to, when checking the "Yes to news and offers" box on the Order form. This will allow you to send participants in specific products to a separate list instead of your house list. This is highly useful if you have a series of products marketed to a different customer segment than your main product line.Or if you market to customers in different countries and thus have newsletters in different languages.

If you don't want the "Yes to news and offers" box on the order form at all, you now also have the option to hide it.

If you don't change anything we will just sign people up to your house list as usual. 

You choose the relevant list or hide the box under Purchase fields in the Order form setup for a product.


Calvin Correli

New Feature: Worksheets

We just launched the ability to create online worksheets.

They're beautifully simple online versions of the types of documents that most people include as part of their courses: A simple document with some text and some places for people to fill in their responses.

The online version is much easier to create, and has the added benefit that we can save people's respeonses for them, so they can come back and read them later, and so you as an admin can see what people are actually doing with them, so you can support your customers better and improve the worksheets over time.

Here's how it works:


Nick Bruun

New Feature: Image Editor

As part of the new WYSIWYG editor, we've now added another neat little feature to make your lives a little easier when composing content: an image editor. You can now select any image in the editor, hit the "Launch image editor" toolbar button or the "Image editor" button shown on top of the image top bring up Adobe's great Aviary image editor.


The image editor allows you to do a wide range of things to your images, from adjusting contrast ever so slightly all the way to applying filters like you know them from popular camera apps. Whatever you do, you can now easily make your images pop without having to go through the hassle of finding and using a desktop image editor.


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