What the Heck is Empower Hour Anyway?

We invite you to join us for Empower Hour, but maybe you aren’t super clear on what will happen if you do. 

Or maybe the ‘group’ aspect discourages you because you don’t want to look like you don’t know what you are doing in front of other people.

shutterstock_65940934.jpgHere’s the scoop.

Empower Hour is a way to get face-to-face time with a Simplero staff member.  We call it “Empower Hour” because we are focused on teaching, not just solving a single problem.  If you feel like what you need is too complicated to write up in a single Help Ticket, then Empower Hour is for you!

We know that each of our customers is a leader in their field and we want to empower you to succeed in your business by helping you understand and maximize the use of your technology (Simplero!).

Maybe an example will help…

Tina is a coach.  A kick-ass coach who is busy serving other amazing people doing great work in the world.  She’s decided to offer online classes for her clients so she can spend less time coaching them on the basics and more time really digging deep with them.

She joined us for Empower Hour so she could learn more about membership sites and courses.

  • She wants to offer a place where her coaching clients can have access to resources and videos to study between coaching calls with her.
  • She needs to make sure she understands access permissions.
  • She wants to figure out if she can offer the same materials as a bonus for a new online course for people who don't have the time or resources to work with her privately. She needs a ‘starter package’ and a ‘elite package’.

While on Empower Hour, a Simplero staff person showed her how to give both groups of people access to the same membership site and resource content while also restricting access to the course so that people had to pay for that separately.

This gave her one central place where all her clients could access everything they needed from her. One place to update but two revenue streams.

Tina was thrilled! She left Empower Hour feeling secure in knowing exactly how to set up her membership as well as confident that her user experience would be simple.

More than just technical support, Empower Hour gave Tina momentum for her business. Instead of feeling stuck in that ‘I’m nervous that I won’t do it right so I’ll figure it out tomorrow’ place, she is totally jazzed about her next steps and passive income potential. She is promoting her new offerings and busy building the membership site her clients deserve.

And even more happened! There were two other people on that Empower Hour call.  They needed a basic orientation to how Simplero worked (and they got that) but they also discovered that they could do more with Simplero then they had previously imagined.  They both left with their mental wheels turning - how can they do what Tina is doing to better serve their market?  

Why wait?  Join us for Empower Hour the next time you have a question or are planning a launch.  Let us help you amaze your customers.  


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